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I’ll Use My Office To Help Increase Kwara State IGR —- Nollywood Actor Femi Adebayo.



Femi Adebayo Press Conference

Special Adviser to Kwara State Governor on Arts, Culture and Tourism, Mr Femi Adebayo, has said he hopes to use his office to help promote the cultural heritage of the state and also increase the internally generated revenue.

Speaking at a press conference today in Ikeja, the Nollywood Superstar said he hopes to use the forthcoming ASA WA (OUR CULTURE) stage play to showcase the cultural heritage of Kwara State to the world which will attract domestic and foreign investors.

The highly respected thespian, while addressing journalists ahead of the 5th anniversary of Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed in office, said the people of Kwara are about to witness the best of cultural celebration in the state.

In his words, he said: Kwara State is rich in many beautiful and avluable cultures which are as a result of many ethnic groups like Nupe, Fulani, Yoruba, Baruba amongst others.

Continuing he said “Kwara State Government in her responsibility to make known to the world those beautiful and valuable cultures in the state, through my good office and Kwara State Ministry of Culture and Tourism in partnership with some private organizations, organizes a command stage play tagged ‘ASA WA’ (OUR CULTURE), which would showcase the Kwara Cultural Heritages to the world and attract domestic and foreign investors.

The command stage play, which will be a joint performance of the more than 20 top Nollywood actors and talented artists based of Kwara State Council for Arts and Culture will take place on Friday 27th May, 2016 at the Banquet Hall, Opposite Kwara State Government House, Ilorin by 4pm.

Conclusively, Mr. Femi Adebayo said ‘The programme is the first of it’s kind and certainly going to be entertaining,educative and memorable; so it is worth not missing.


‘Make We Halla’ Challenge: Charles Inojie, Ali Nuhu Encourage Participation in Social Media Movement



Renowned Nigerian actors Charles Inojie and Ali Nuhu have expressed heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming success of the viral anti-domestic violence video ‘Make We Halla’. The video, which has garnered widespread attention and praise since its release, tackles the pressing issue of domestic violence in Nigeria.

Inojie and Nuhu have utilized their platforms to tackle this menace head-on. The success of “Make We Halla” testifies to the impact of collaborative efforts in addressing social issues.

Inojie expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support received from Nigerians nationwide, emphasizing the importance of not remaining a silent bystander when we know Domestic violence is taking place. He commented, “we are truly grateful for the tremendous response to ‘Make We Halla’. The outpouring of support and engagement from the public has been inspiring. Now we want to take the momentum to the next level. We are asking bystanders to take action – Make We Halla – to show they don’t agree with violence and take a stand.”


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Inojie, in a new video, has asked his audience to get involved too; the #MakeWeHalla Challenge invites individuals to show that they will make Halla in the face of domestic violence, by posting a video or photo of them making noise with the hashtag #MakeWeHalla. Nuhu has since encouraged his fans to join in the challenge, saying, “It is time to turn those words into action.

Let’s show the world that you will halla anywhere you see Domestic Violence.”
Inojie and Nuhu will be looking for the most creative ideas to share on their platforms. Plus, Inojie has announced that there will be a prize for the best.

This great initiative will further mobilize the public to have some fun, whilst coming together and take a stand against domestic violence in their own communities.

It’s indeed time to come together to make a difference and raise our voices in the face of domestic violence. Our voices have the power to show abusers we do not agree with violence, and help break the culture of silence around this issue. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a worthy cause as you join #MakeWeHalla challenge.

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Faith Itohan’s Groundbreaking Psycho Drama ‘Unknown Pandemic’ Soon To Hit Screens [BTS PHOTOS]



In a groundbreaking production helmed by film producer Faith Itohan and acclaimed film director Tunde Olaoye, Nollywood is again prepared to shed light on a silent yet prevalent threat in society – the Unknown Pandemic.

The soon-to-be-released film starring Kehinde Bankole and Swanky JKA is a thought-provoking cinematic masterpiece that analyses the delicate relationship between culture and love.

Aptly titled ‘Unknown Pandemic’, the film navigates the intricate web of human emotions and societal norms in the face of an unseen adversary.

The synopsis of the movie teases at the ambiguity surrounding this mysterious pandemic, which has left many grappling with its implications. Director Tunde Olaoye masterfully orchestrates a narrative that refuses to shy away from the uncomfortable truths, challenging viewers to confront the harsh realities of a world where the line between love and devastation is blurred.

Having wrapped up principal photography in December, 2023, the film is in its final post-production phase.

The story follows the life of Ebi, as played by Bankole. She embodies resilience amidst the chaos inflicted by the unknown pandemic. Her blossoming romance with Fred, played by the talented Swanky JKA, serves as a poignant backdrop against which the complexities of love and pain are explored.

As the tale unfolds, viewers are confronted with profound questions: Does love inherently come with pain? Are there unseen demons lurking beneath the surface of seemingly tranquil waters? Through the compelling performances of the cast, the audience is invited to ponder these existential queries and grapple with the harsh truths they unveil.

With its unflinching portrayal of the human condition, this film is poised to leave a lasting impact on audiences, igniting conversations and inspiring action in the fight against the Unknown Pandemic.

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Alhaja Sherifatu Andu, Maker Of “2 Aishat’s”, Set To Premier Her Second Project Titled “Journey Into The Light” [PHOTOS]



Alhaja Sherifat Andu, the beautiful, hardworking, workaholic behind Arabel the one stop Islamic shop has just completed a series titled “Journey into Light” which will be released during the Ramadan.

This is coming after her first production “2 Aishat’s” was released on Amazon.

Through heartfelt storytelling and authentic portrayals, “Journey into Light” helps viewers to reflect on their spiritual paths and the enduring strength found in the pursuit of enlightenment. With its compelling narratives, the series serves as an important reminder of the richness of Islamic practices and the power of faith to guide and sustain us through life’s trials.

From the transformative power of gratitude amidst personal struggles to the complexities of sisterhood tested by jealousy and gossip, each episode immerses viewers in narratives that resonate with universal themes of resilience, gratitude, forgiveness, and spiritual growth.

As characters confront challenges in their relationships, careers, and personal aspirations, they draw strength from their faith, community, and the wisdom of Islamic teachings.

Journey Into Light will debut on ALEEFTV on YouTube during the month of Ramadan, 2024.

Journey Into Light is a production of ARABEL FILMS, the producer of the film THE TWO AISHAS, a company who has carved a niche for itself as an Islamic film production company. Written and produced by Shareefah Abiola Andu and directed by Tunde Olaoye, the casts consist majorly of fresh actors in the industry.

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