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Only President Muhammadu Buhari can reveal his ailment, his top media aide Femi Adesina said on Tuesday. Adesina was reacting to question raised by Nigerians about Buhari’s health status based on report the President will be embarking on a four-day medical trip to the United Kingdom.

The trip is coming barely nine months after the commander in chief returned from a medical vacation, spending more than 100 days.

“That is something private and personal. The fact that a man is a President does not remove his right and privileges to privacy,” he explained during Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily on Tuesday.

”So, unless Mr President comes out voluntarily and willingly to tell the country that ‘this is what I have suffered from, this is what I have been treated for’…even the medical doctor does not have the right to say it.

“It is in the Hippocratic oath that the medical doctors take. They cannot disclose the ailment of the patient without the permission of that patient.”

He further said, “There is no cause for alarm because he (the President) is up and about and doing his duties. What he is going for is a review. We all need that from time to time. There is nobody that is 100% healthy. He is just going for a review. I want to believe that he will come back on Saturday as planned.”


Ondo State Cabinet: Group Congratulates Governor Lucky Ayedatiwa



The Grassroots Democratic Innitiatives congratulate the Gov of Ondo state on the quality of members of his newly inaugurated cabinet.

In a Commuinque signed by Comrade Razaq Oladosu, Buska,the Executive Director of the Pro Democray group.

The Group reiterated their trust and belief in the capacity of majority member of the newly formed cabinet to deliver real dividend of democracy to the people of the Sunshine State.

In the Communiques, Dr Kayode Ajulo, the Attorney General was recognized as an embodiment of principle,integrity and love for humanity, a man that is worthy of the trust deserving of that office,whose track record is very impressive and speaks for themselves .

They further Congratulate the Gov Lucky Ayedatiwa for his choice of Comrade Gany Mohammed Ajowa,as a Special Adviser.

Comrade Gany Mohammed Ajowa is one of the footsoldiers of pro democracy movement,and Advocate of progressive and people oriented governance, from his days in the student union movement (NANS),A founding memember of the Committee for the Defence of Human right (CDHR)all through as a Cadre of the National Democratic Coalition,(NADECO,)and a one of the most consistent voice of reason the the labour movement, his record of dedication and commitment is an assurance of what he will represent in the new dispensation.

Comrade Gany Mohammed Ajowa as a bridge builder is an assured asset to the government.

The group further reiterated their commitment and support for the Government of Gov. Lucky Ayedatiwa to deliver on the renewed hope agenda of this Government and our great party.

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Reps Reject Bill Requiring Presidential Poll Winner To Secure Over 50% Of Total Votes Cast



A bill that would have required winning candidates for president and governor to receive more than 50% of the total votes cast has been thrown away by the house of representatives.

On the floor of the green chamber on Wednesday, the bill that aimed to alter the present simple majority system of choosing the president and governors faced a setback.

The bill, sponsored by Awaji–Inombek Abiante, a lawmaker from Rivers, sought to make it mandatory for a presidential candidate to be declared winner only if he or she scores more than half of the total votes cast, where there are more than two candidates in the contest.

  • The Constitution’s Position

According to the constitution, to win the presidential election, a candidate needs to obtain 25 percent of the votes in at least two-thirds of the 36 states and the federal capital territory (FCT), along with an overall simple majority.

If a candidate fails to meet both requirements, a run-off occurs between the candidate with the highest vote count and the candidate with the most votes across most states.

Section 134 (1) of the constitution states that a “candidate for an election to the office of President shall be deemed to have been duly elected, where, there being only two candidates for the election:

“(a) he has the majority of votes cast at the election; and

“(b) he has not less than one-quarter of the votes cast at the election in each of at least two-thirds of all the States in the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

“(2) A candidate for an election to the office of President shall be deemed to have been duly elected where, there being more than two candidates for the election:

“(a) he has the highest number of votes cast at the election; and

“(b) he has not less than one-quarter of the votes cast at the election each of at least two-thirds of all the States in the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.”

Section 134 also stipulates same for governorship candidates.

  • The Nays Had It

But Abiante’s bill proposed that in a presidential race with more than two candidates, a candidate must secure a majority of the total votes ,which constitutes over 50 percent.

The bill had not even been debated when lawmakers roundly rejected it.

Tajudeen Abbas, speaker of the house, called for the bill to be seconded after its presentation by Abiante.

However, as soon as the bill was seconded and put to a voice vote, it was rejected, with louder “nays” than “ayes”.

The bill’s rejection process was highly unusual, as bills are typically rejected after the general principle has been debated.

If this system had been deployed during the 2023 election, President Bola Tinubu would not have been declared winner of the election in the first ballot, as he did not secure the majority of total votes cast.

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Labour Party’s National Chairman Julius Abure Arrested In Edo [VIDEO]



Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the Labour Party, has been arrested by security operatives in Edo State.

Abure, on Wednesday, was arrested a few days before the party’s primary election in Edo State.

It was gathered that he was arrested by operatives of the Zone 5 police headquarters in Benin, Edo State.

A crowd had gathered at the entrance, with only police officers and a few VIPs allowed inside.

It was gathered that his arrest was the result of a petition forwarded to the Zone from the office of the Inspector General of Police in Abuja.

Abure was captured in viral videos and pictures being forcibly handled by police officers, while his supporters from the LP party tried to intervene to stop his arrest.

Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer of the Zone, Tijani Momoh, said, “There is a standing order for now that nobody should come in.

“Yes, the Labour Party National Chairman is here and it has to do with a petition that was referred to this office from the Inspector General of Police.

“It was referred to Zone 5 from the IG’s office, he is with us but I cannot give the contents of the petition right now.”

When asked if he was being detained or just to take his statement, Momoh said, “I don’t know for now.”

Abure has been having running battles with some members of the party in the state over allegations of substituting candidates in the 2023 general election without the consent of the affected aspirants, an allegation he has denied.

It was also gathered that the arrest may be connected to the factional crisis rocking the party as a factional national youth leader was recently brutalised by some suspected members of the party.

Abure has also come under fire for allegedly mishandling party funds.

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