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Sanwo-Olu: If You Find Good Governance, Keep It — Kemi Akinyemi



Good governance is hard to find. I mean the one with the right-based approach, the one that empowers the citizenry, making them a part of decision making, transparency, access to information and all what not without making a fuss about it.

Naturally, the people expect miracles to happen instantly. That is why they start putting the leader under pressure barely 100 days after they mount the saddle.

Lagos as a smart city has always been lucky to have men who are willing and capable of delivering benefits of such type of city as they relate to people, government, economy, mobility, environment and living. Despite ambitious goals and high stakes, little is always known about the work the men at the helm of affairs perform in undertaking such transformation. Denmark, Holland, USA, Australia and New Zealand have all walked through this path.

Forget about the Ambode debacle which ended his tenure abruptly after just one term, the crop of men who have managed Lagos State lately have been carefully selected, apparently to maintain the tradition of the kind of quality the state is known for. Name them, Lateef Jakande, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Raji Fashola, Akinwunmi Ambode.

The man of the moment, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, is no exception. Although his mien might deceive one, he is a natural leader who believes more in action than words. Imagine putting all those structures here and there and Lagosians were hitherto not informed about. That is what a transformational leader is made of. Transformational not only in resources and men but also in infrastructures, but not making so much noise.

The best of Governor Sanwo-Olu must have manifested during the 2020 pandemic, but that was just a part of his best. Ever since, he has not relented in making all sectors feel his Midas touch of some sorts, be it education, transportation, housing, tech or health. Look around everywhere. He has put his marks. The handling of the ENDSARS must have dented his sparkling clean records, but that has been explained away successfully. That also must have warranted the need to open his portfolio of achievements, which had before now advertised themselves naturally.

Does Governor Sanwo-Olu have any close – as in so close- rival in the 2023 elections as far as Lagos is concerned? Naaaah!! Though the presidential elections activated the panic button and brought everyone out of their shells, good governance is non-negotiable and, by extension, irreplacebale . Not until after eight years. Any attempt to wish Babajide Sanwo-Olu away at this point when Lagos is wriggling itself out of all its sore points will not do Lagosians any good.

You see, Lagos has a developmental masterplan which has been followed to the letter since the heyday of the now president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The plan is gradually rearing its beautiful shape and there should not be any interruption at this moment.

Sanwo-Olu’s dossier matches Lagos dream to a fault. Born on June 25, 1965, Sanwo-Olu has a BSc in Surveying and Geo-Informatics and an MBA from the University of Lagos. He had earlier attended Government Demonstration School, Gbaja, Surulere and Ijebu-Ife Grammar School, Ogun State.

He has had stints in both private and public sectors. He started out at the defunct Lead Merchant Bank before joining the United Bank for Africa as head of Foreign Money Market. He later moved to FCMB when it was known as First Inland Bank Plc.

For the public sector, he became an aide of the then deputy governor of Lagos State, Mr Femi Pedro, before serving the then governor Bola Tinubu in the same capacity of Special Adviser on Corporate Matters. He also served as commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Commissioner for Commerce and Commissioner for Establishments under successive governments in Lagos. Before becoming the governor, he was the managing director of the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation, LSDPC for short.

So, Governor Sanwo-Olu knows Lagos inside-out and remains the people’s choice. The people know what they want. They have seen good governance at its best and they want to keep it because it is so hard to find.

Another four years is loading for an intelligent, meticulous and focused man of the people. Let’s rally behind him and achieve a greater Lagos.


Tinubu Meets PDP’s G-5 Members



President Bola Tinubu is in a meeting with members of the defunct ‘G5 Governors’ at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The group made up of Oyo Governor Seyi Makinde; former Governors Nyesom Wike (Rivers); Okezie Ikpeazu (Abia); Ifeanyi Ugwuwanyi (Enugu) and Samuel Ortom (Benue) are all members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The group is considered to have been friendly with President Tinubu and contributed to his electoral victory in February.

Although the reason for the visit is yet to be known, it is believed Makinde and the former Governors would be seeking to take advantage of their cordial relationship with the President to gain political capital.

Makinde and Wike have frequented the Villa a couple of times in the last few days


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BREAKING: Tinubu Signs Bill Raising Judges’ Retirement Age Into Law



President Bola Tinubu has signed into law the bill on uniform retirement age for judicial officers.

Tinubu signed the bill into law on Thursday.

More to come…

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You Are A Liar, Woman Beater, Ondo Deputy Governor’s Wife, Seun Ayedatiwa Tells Husband



The wife of the Ondo State Deputy Governor, Seun Ayedatiwa, has faulted her husband’s defence over allegation of assault, maintaining that she is a serial victim of abuse in his hand.

But the deputy Governor in a statement through his media aide, Kenneth Odusola, said he had never raised a hand to hit his wife since they got married.

He described the allegation as baseless, false, nothing but political blackmail taken too far,” to cause political unrest in the state.

But in a statement from London entitled, “My Ordeal At The Hands Of Lucky”, Mrs Ayedatiwa narrated her experience, adding that she could no longer endure his temperament.

According to her, she had endured physical, emotional, and mental abuse from her husband, beatings, torture, and constant mistreatment.


“I have come across numerous comments regarding the statement released by the Women Group, the Society for Women Empowerment (SWE).

“Although I cannot ascertain the existence of the group or the true intentions behind the story, I feel it is important to express my pain for the sake of other women.

“I am a woman who deeply respects and supports my husband. Our story, like many others, has been one of grace and growth. While I am sociable, I am always mindful of my husband’s position. I have dedicated myself to nurturing our home and children, as any wife and mother would. I have done so with unwavering strength.

“Prior to Lucky’s appointment as the deputy governor, we had ongoing issues revolving around abusive behavior. Each time, he would apologize, often attributing his actions to alcohol. Our children have witnessed this on two occasions. They implored me to have him arrested, but I explained that Nigerian culture does not provide room for such measures.

“I am not happy about revealing my personal struggles publicly. It is a painful reality I must confront. I have reached the conclusion that concerted efforts must be made to eradicate the scourge of violence against women. I have endured physical, emotional, and mental abuse from my husband, beatings, torture, and constant mistreatment.

“On December 1, 2022, during a minor argument, I experienced one of the most severe beatings of my life at the hands of my husband. I was left bruised and battered, to the extent that I could not attend the birthday ceremony of Toyin Akeredolu, the younger sister of Governor Akeredolu, in Ibadan. He threatened to kill me, uttering words of disdain.

“On Friday, December 2, I traveled to Ibadan to meet with the First Lady, Chief Betty-Anyanwu Akeredolu, to report Lucky’s actions. When she saw my battered face, she was enraged. She subsequently reported Lucky to the Governor. Lucky used to be the First Lady’s favorite, but since that day, she has distanced herself from him.

“Upon returning to Akure, even with my bruised face, Lucky slapped me again. He accused me of exposing him to the Governor and First Lady. He not only slapped me but also poured Hennessy on my head, berating me as a worthless woman.

“A few days before the FOWOSO summit, I was burdened with depression and numerous issues. I had already made up my mind not to attend the program. However, Lucky approached me, pleaded, and promised never to harm me again. I had to apply heavy makeup and wear dark glasses to conceal the bruises on my face, just to attend the event.

“By the end of January, Lucky resumed his abusive behavior. As much as I am a strong supporter of his aspirations to succeed the Governor, I have consistently advised him to exhibit decorum in his public life.

“Every time I mentioned this, he dismissed it as jealousy and insecurity, showing no regard for my feelings. Disrespectful calls were frequently received at our home, especially from one Ambassador Tolu Taiwo, one of his girlfriends.

“During the first week of February, we had a conversation about his political aspirations, and I advised him to refrain from making certain remarks to people. Instead of considering my advice, he unleashed his anger on me, subjecting me to further physical abuse. He threatened to kill me and make another woman the First Lady when he becomes Governor.

“Lucky not only assaulted me but also locked me out of the house. I had to spend two nights at St. Jacob Hotel. He instructed the gatekeeper not to allow me entry. From there, I had to travel to Lagos and eventually moved to Ilesa, my hometown.

“After being locked out, my driver eventually went to the house to retrieve my bag, which contained my passport. Since then, I have relocated to London.

“I am aware that Lucky may attempt to deny this story once again. However, I urge you to question him: Why have I not refuted the allegations of his abuse?

“He is my husband, and no woman would want to falsely accuse her spouse. If he claims that all of this is untrue, ask him to call me and put our conversation on speaker. He is well aware of my position on this matter. I refuse to continue hiding and suffering in silence.

“Once again, the First Lady is fully aware of this situation.

If Lucky denies it once more, I will come out with pictures and videos, no matter how humiliating it sounds. I am taking this step because I can no longer endure this situation silently.”




7TH JUNE, 2023.

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