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  • The Prize is N45m in total, and Miracle is walking away with it, after 85 eventful days in the House, full of hope, intrigues, sex, betrayal and anxiety. Miracle won with over 38% of the entire votes cast. In all, 170 million votes were cast in the 85-day event, with 30 million votes coming in this week alone. Miracle goes home with N45m comprising:

N25m in cash
A brand new SUV worth N12m
An all-expenses paid trip for two to an exotic destination valued at N4.7m
A complete home entertainment system and appliances worth N3.3m.

Miracle’s real name is Miracle Igbokwe. He was born on the 17th of February 1995. Miracle attended the International Aviation College and the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria. He finished from Dee Unique International High School. Newly graduated from the aviation school, Miracle flies into the House with his pilot license firmly in hand. He feels grateful for everything in life as he knows how financially difficult it was to get there.

Miracle’s love of dancing and camping is only parallel by his sense of fashion, especially his skinny jeans. Miracle hates inequality and says he’s not in the game for the money. When he was asked what irritates him most in other people, he said, “People being fake makes me not to trust them.” As to what he brought into the BB House, he said, “I want to bring confusion among the ladies.”

‘What will you do with the prize money’, he was asked; to which he said, “I’ll use part of the money to further my pilot training and the rest to help my family. Miracle and Nina had the first kiss and make-out session in the house. They both made it to the final five, but Nina was among the three final evictees on the last day of the reality show, leaving Miracle and Cee-C to contend for the coveted prize.

While in the house, Miracle was once embroiled in a drama when a wedding band was spotted on his ring finger in some old photos that Nigerians dug up. His brother, Samuel debunked the claims that Miracle was married. He also explained how the ring on his finger came to be. When Ebuka told the two finalists — Miracle and Cee-C — to take one last walk and switch off the lights in the house, Miracle and Cee-C knew that one of them was the ultimate Housemate for this season’s Double Wahala.

With smiles all over their faces as they switched one light at a time, they finally said their goodbyes to Big Brother and exited for the main stage. When Davido’s Fall faded, the mood electrified as the housemates entered the stage and soon after, Ebuka had to calm the crowd.

Miracle’s will to win has always been rewarded by his ability to give his all in every challenge given to him. Whether it’s the head of house, a task or the Arena games, he always brought his A-game. So, when he was announced as the overall winner for the Payporte’s Arena games, it came as no surprise, as he’s won more than any other housemate. With an overall time of 53 minutes and 30 seconds throughout the season, Miracle was awarded a cash prize of N1m.

As usual, Ebuka asked the auditor to confirm if the results were independently verified and the auditor confirmed. After they were shown the prizes to be won and with a total of 30 million votes this week alone; after a long silence and seeing both contestants shaking and nervous, Miracle emerged as the ultimate Big Brother Naija winner.

Emotions ran high from everyone and Miracle’s in-house sweetheart, Nina, was at the fore embracing him as he struggled getting up after his excitement threw him on the ground. Champagne splashing and everyone gathering to embrace him, finally he stood up and continued to celebrate in disbelief. “Congratulations Miracle, a race well run,” Big Brother concluded.


I Slept With A Female Producer To Land A Movie Role — Nollywood Actor Seun Jimoh



Seun Sean Jimoh, Nollywood actor, has revealed how he had no choice but to sleep with a movie producer to get a movie role.

During a recent Talktobee podcast, Seun Jimoh discussed his career and early years with Nollywood actress Biola Adebayo.

Speaking on the show, Jimoh disclosed that, despite growing up without a father, he had one of the best fathers ever and was nurtured by his mother.

He claimed that in order to get a role, he needed to establish a sexual relationship with a film director.

The actor also disclosed that he was seeking ways to amuse himself and that a married father of three children also attempted to have fun with him.

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‘Make We Halla’ Challenge: Charles Inojie, Ali Nuhu Encourage Participation in Social Media Movement



Renowned Nigerian actors Charles Inojie and Ali Nuhu have expressed heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming success of the viral anti-domestic violence video ‘Make We Halla’. The video, which has garnered widespread attention and praise since its release, tackles the pressing issue of domestic violence in Nigeria.

Inojie and Nuhu have utilized their platforms to tackle this menace head-on. The success of “Make We Halla” testifies to the impact of collaborative efforts in addressing social issues.

Inojie expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support received from Nigerians nationwide, emphasizing the importance of not remaining a silent bystander when we know Domestic violence is taking place. He commented, “we are truly grateful for the tremendous response to ‘Make We Halla’. The outpouring of support and engagement from the public has been inspiring. Now we want to take the momentum to the next level. We are asking bystanders to take action – Make We Halla – to show they don’t agree with violence and take a stand.”


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A post shared by Charles Inojie (@charlesinojie)

Inojie, in a new video, has asked his audience to get involved too; the #MakeWeHalla Challenge invites individuals to show that they will make Halla in the face of domestic violence, by posting a video or photo of them making noise with the hashtag #MakeWeHalla. Nuhu has since encouraged his fans to join in the challenge, saying, “It is time to turn those words into action.

Let’s show the world that you will halla anywhere you see Domestic Violence.”
Inojie and Nuhu will be looking for the most creative ideas to share on their platforms. Plus, Inojie has announced that there will be a prize for the best.

This great initiative will further mobilize the public to have some fun, whilst coming together and take a stand against domestic violence in their own communities.

It’s indeed time to come together to make a difference and raise our voices in the face of domestic violence. Our voices have the power to show abusers we do not agree with violence, and help break the culture of silence around this issue. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a worthy cause as you join #MakeWeHalla challenge.

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Faith Itohan’s Groundbreaking Psycho Drama ‘Unknown Pandemic’ Soon To Hit Screens [BTS PHOTOS]



In a groundbreaking production helmed by film producer Faith Itohan and acclaimed film director Tunde Olaoye, Nollywood is again prepared to shed light on a silent yet prevalent threat in society – the Unknown Pandemic.

The soon-to-be-released film starring Kehinde Bankole and Swanky JKA is a thought-provoking cinematic masterpiece that analyses the delicate relationship between culture and love.

Aptly titled ‘Unknown Pandemic’, the film navigates the intricate web of human emotions and societal norms in the face of an unseen adversary.

The synopsis of the movie teases at the ambiguity surrounding this mysterious pandemic, which has left many grappling with its implications. Director Tunde Olaoye masterfully orchestrates a narrative that refuses to shy away from the uncomfortable truths, challenging viewers to confront the harsh realities of a world where the line between love and devastation is blurred.

Having wrapped up principal photography in December, 2023, the film is in its final post-production phase.

The story follows the life of Ebi, as played by Bankole. She embodies resilience amidst the chaos inflicted by the unknown pandemic. Her blossoming romance with Fred, played by the talented Swanky JKA, serves as a poignant backdrop against which the complexities of love and pain are explored.

As the tale unfolds, viewers are confronted with profound questions: Does love inherently come with pain? Are there unseen demons lurking beneath the surface of seemingly tranquil waters? Through the compelling performances of the cast, the audience is invited to ponder these existential queries and grapple with the harsh truths they unveil.

With its unflinching portrayal of the human condition, this film is poised to leave a lasting impact on audiences, igniting conversations and inspiring action in the fight against the Unknown Pandemic.

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