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By Marie-Therese PhidoN

Two weekends ago, I enjoyed retail therapy like I have not enjoyed it in a long time. I was like a child in a toy shop. I told my children “this is the way we shop when we go on vacation”. You know how Nigerians like to shop when they travel to “rest”. Shop till you drop! Laden with shopping bags, we went to the Café next door for some rest, relaxation and much needed refreshment.

By now, I am sure some of you must have guessed that I am talking about the GTBank Fashion Weekend. Not sure I have enjoyed shopping comfortably with as much buzz as I did that weekend. My daughters kept on saying with excitement “Mom, we are really enjoying ourselves.”

What I also found remarkable, was the affordability of the items as well as getting to see Nigerians becoming more entrepreneurial and putting their talent and skills to work for them. The event was well attended and was clearly a “what to do in Lagos” this weekend event.

Feedback from the marketers was positive. My understanding was that that the exhibition booths were given free of charge. The only condition stipulated was that they open an account with the bank. Yet to verify this information. In one of the booths I shopped in, “Femi Handbags”, selling authentic Nigerian couture bags ranking with the best globally. The POS did not work, but GTBank staff were on hand to aid the payment. While I agree this was in their own interest, it made my shopping experience positive and ensured the seller made a sale and I got my retail gratification.

I will say the Fashion Weekend was successful and a number of objectives were achieved from organising the event. The bank succeeded in introducing the brand to target customers, providing positive customer experience and projecting the brand on many platforms. The pre-event blitz was effective. However, the online registration did not work as well as it should have. I registered and indicated an interest to attend two events.

Was told I would get an email which I never got. This needs to be improved on. A brand must always keep its promise or it suffers the consequence of losing TRUST. Next time, I may not bother to register online because my trust has been compromised.
Despite this glitch, I am likely to return, because overall, the benefits outweighed the negatives.

The question is “why will I return”? The answer is simple, it was well organised and presented, and won my “LOYALTY” for the event. The branding of the customer touch points resonated with my value system. It is no secret that brand loyalty in many instances is fading and sometimes non-existent for events of this nature due to poor logistics and presentation. Customers are looking for how to get the best value for their time and money at an affordable price. My hope is if repeated, my expectations on affordability and value will be met.

In view of the above, in today’s recession ridden Nigeria, what can organisations do to make customers “sticky” – follow through on intended purchasing and buy the product or service repeatedly? How can Nigerian businesses engender trust and ensure consistent positive customer experience to drive loyalty? As we know, loyalty means customers hanging in there, whether good or bad because organisations have been good to them in the past. Loyalty means not seeking out competition or when approached by competition not being interested.

Most importantly, how do we get our customers to start exhibiting the following attributes:
• Always recommending our products and services
• Continuing to buy from us, increasing their spend or maintaining the same level
• Purchasing other products we offer
• Believing in the superiority of our products compared to others in the same category
• Not seeking alternatives to what we offer in order to replace us
• Giving us an opportunity to make amends when mistakes are made and not using it as a basis to switch

Colin Shaw and Ryan Hamilton defined customer experience to be the consistent positive emotional experience, physical attributed-based satisfaction and perceived value of an experience which include the products or services. Based on my experience, you will agree that the Fashion Weekend hit the right spots for me and I had a positive time interacting with the brand and will like a repeat of the experience.

Every organisation must strive to achieve the above attributes, by ensuring positive interactions with their brand to keep customers loyal and satisfied because it is cheaper to sell to current customers than to attract new ones. Satisfied customers will spread the gospel and help attract new ones. This is critical to our businesses because it pays financially to have a loyal base of customers proclaiming our virtues and championing our cause.
– Marie-Therese Phido is Sales & Market Strategist and Business Coach

Email: [email protected]
tweeter handle @osat2012; TeL: 08090158156 (text only)


‘KO READY-TO-WEAR’ Announces Mega Black Friday Deals



KO Ready-To-Wear, a Lagos top fashion retail store, has announced a three-day sales extravaganza ahead of the 2021 Black Friday discount season.

A statement from the fashion outfit noted that the store will be offering its numerous customers the best fashion deals of the season ahead of the yuletide from Friday 26 November to 29 November.

Kiki Okewale, style icon and CEO of the eponymous fashion brand, noted that this year’s Black Friday falls on November 26 but KO Ready-To-Wear will be hosting a three-day shopping extravaganza tagged E Choke!!!

“Handily, Black Friday falls just before the countdown to Christmas, so it’s a great opportunity to get a head-start on your wish list,” Okewale stated.

“For our ‘E Choke’ Black Friday Sales, everywhere will be jolly because shoppers will have so much to save up to 50% discount. This means that they have the chance to buy at half price. And if this one ‘no choke’, I don’t know what else will choke for black Friday.

“From quality fabrics, seasonal wardrobe essentials, hard-to-find designer handbags and jewelry, whatever you are hunting for, our fashion store ticks plenty of boxes and there’s no better time to snap up a bargain.

“It’s never too early to start crafting your Black Friday wish list —even if the discount season is just some days away. You can shop up to 50 percent off thousands of items, and the discounts will only get better closer to the big day,” Okewale said.

It will be recalled that all through the month of October, the fashion retail outfit hosted an ‘Ember To Remember Sales’ where it offered numerous customers huge discounts plus free gifts on all items purchased in the store.

Okewale’s distinctive stock and creations have seen her shoot to the top of the fashion and clothing business in Nigeria within a short period of time as she boasts of several of Nigeria’s women of class and elegance as clients.

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Sanwo-Olu, RMD, Kunle Afolayan, Ashiru, Tunde Okewale, Tokunbo Wahab, Sujimoto, Others For Aristocrat Institute and Flagship Store Opening



The year 2020 is on its last legs and what an eventful year it has been! From one bind to another, the months have unraveled themselves to the average person’s displeasure. All that is yesterday’s news. Kayode Olanshile Alfred, renowned journalist and fashion habitué, has resolved to coloured the end of the year in his signature style and sophistication.

On November the 15th, Kayode Alfred is hosting a launch to kick off the operations of his Aristocrat Flagship store, Aristocrat Institute, and a laundry and dry cleaning service company.

Insiders have reported that the event—set to hold at Heart Omole Phase 1 Estate, Ojodu, Lagos—will see top society luminaries and influencers.

Among those reported to be in the list of kahunas at the opening are political engines like Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Otunba Bimbo Ashiru; celebrated pillars of the society like Tokunbo Wahab (the Special Adviser to Governor Sanwo-Olu on Education), Dr. Tunde Okewale (the founder of the prominent charity organization, Urban Lawyers), and Sijibomi Ogundele (Real Estate genius and face of Sujimoto); as well as Nollywood icons, Richard Mofe-Damijo and Kunle Afolayan.

These first-row guests are well known for their high bearing in the Nigerian society, a status that has not dimmed even a bit by their subscription to an aristocratic style of dressing. Thus, Kayode Alfred’s launch will hit the ground running.

Sure to be an eventful day, Kayode Alfred is reportedly using this avenue to lay a foundation for the coming year, during which his Aristocrat brand will permeate the nooks and crannies of the fashion industry, raising the bar and marching his contemporaries onward.

It is this progressive mindset and a creative sense that sparked the interest of the Prestige Excellence Award, earning Kayode Alfred the Innovative and Outstanding Designer of the Year 2019 award.

So November 15th is the date of the convention for aristocratic style and sophistication, and every other thing that Kayode Alfred is renowned for.

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It’s Almost Here! Are You Ready For Nigeria’s Biggest Lifestyle Fair and Music Concerts? [READ DETAILS]



Style by Zenith 2.0 will hold on the 29th of November till 1st December, 2019 at the Eko Energy City (By Eko Atlantic) Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island Lagos. To register, simply visit

See video below


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