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A renowned legal practitioner and public interest litigation expert, Tunji Salawu, Esq has given several grounds to why his clients have resolved to drag the Globacom, operators of Glo telecommunications to court.

He also instituted a N50 billion legal action against the suit at the National Industrial Court of Nigeria (NICN) via suit number (NICN/ABJ/75/2018.

In the statement of facts establishing the cause of action obtained by newsmen in Abuja on Tuesday, 20th March, 2018, the sacked female workers pointed out that, they were employed by the Defendants between 2003 and 2008, and have individually put in between average of 7 to 15 years in the employment of the Defendants.

They wondered why dedicated staff who have impacted positively on the fortunes of the company could be sacked with a wave of the hand on the flimsy reason bothering on their marital status.

It could be recalled that, Public Interest Litigation Initiative (PILI) only last week informed of its decision to take up the matter in order to restore and enforce the fundamental human rights of the affected female staff of the telecommunications company.

In that statement, the Executive Director of PILI, Prof. Adesoji Adesugba said: “It is disheartening to hear that these particular set of female staff who have worked very hard to take the company to the height it has attained today could be treated in a needlessly reckless manner. We at PILI find this unacceptable and have taken a legal action to challenge this glitch.

“It is going to be a legal fight to the finish until and unless very urgent and responsible steps are taken by Globacom to restate them back to their various positions with full benefits in addition to paying damages to them for distorting their career path or progress.

The legal statement said the Claimants plead and rely on their various letters of employment as employees in the management cadres at Gloworld department, the retail arm of Globacom Limited with branches and outlets all over Nigeria.

Sections of the statements read: “The Claimants are all married women in the Gloworld Department, (a customer facing unit) of the Globacom Limited.

“The Claimants were all employed as single females but later had changes of Marital Status in the course of their employment.

“Throughout the length of their services with the Defendants, the Claimants performed the job specification to their best of abilities and were never found wanting by the Defendants and

“In fact, the Claimant had variously been promoted and earned commendations of the Defendants”.

Other facts supplied include: “The Claimants have continued to work diligently until, 8th March, 2018, a day set aside globally as “Women’s Day” when they got a shocking gifts from Defendants in premeditated sack letters, terminating their employments. The Claimants plead and shall rely on the respective letters of termination of employments at the trial.

“The Claimants state that the purported letters of termination of appointment violated the terms and conditions of service of the employees of the defendants. The Claimants plead and shall rely on the conditions of service of the Defendants at the trial. Notice is hereby given to the defendants to produce the conditions of service and staff handbook manual at the trial.

“The Claimants state that the purported termination of their employments was premeditated discriminatory and in bad faith as can be deduced from the cumulative events leadings to the termination”.

According to document, sometime in July, 2017, the Defendants embarked on what was termed staff profiling of all the Gloworld staff, wherein they requested for the following particulars of the staff, among others; full length and portrait picture, passport photograph, date of birth, marital status and length of service at the Globacom Limited despite that all the above information was available to the Human Resources Department of the Defendants, the Claimants nevertheless complied with the request and forwarded their details.

Again, in January, 2018, the Executive Director, (Legal) of the 1st defendant, Mrs Gladis Talabi, Jumoke Aduwo, Human Resources Manager and the regional managers of Gloworld went round all the branches nationwide to “see” all Gloworld staff and conduct “physical verification”, wherein the following personal questions were asked: are you married? How many children do you have? How long have you been in the system? Etc. The staff were further asked to file out for physical examination and have their photographs taker by lined photographers, it added.

The details of other grounds are:

“The Claimants state that the employment processes of the Defendants were conducted in violation of the rights of the applicants to human dignity as often, shortlisted candidates after successful interviews with the Globacom Human Resources personnel’s were further made to face personal interview by the Chairman of the Globacom Dr. Mike Adenuga, where they were advised to look nice, make up well, wear push up bras, chest out, wear miniskirts, a well manicured nails and generally look sexy for the interview with the Chairman.

“After all the rigors of the interview, the successful applicants were given letters of employment through various agencies of the Defendant, such as Contact Centre Services Limited, Vixen Enterprises, Umbrella Limited, Blue Moon Ventures, Dragnet Limited, etc. All affliates of the 1st Defendant.

“Sometime in 2008, the 2nd defendant, Global Manpower Limited (GML) was introduced to the Claimants who were made to sign over their appointments to the agency under duress and without opportunity to read and understand the contract.

“The Claimants state that they were not even avail with a copy of the new contract signed with the 2nd Defendant.

“Again sometime in 2012, the Claimants were made to sign a bond that they would remain in remain in the employment of Globacom Limited for a certain number of Years and any dissengament of staff within the period either voluntarily or by default of the defendant would attract a penalty of 10 Million Naira. The claimant plead and shall rely on the copy of the bond at the trial. The Defendants are hereby given notice to produce the original bond at the trial.

“Furthermore, in 2016, the Claimants, are Gloworld Managers and Stock Controllers were made to bring two guarantors such as bank Managers, Clergymen, High networth individual and level 14 and above Civil Servants. The guarantors were made to provide a blank signed but undated cheques and ittle documents of landed properties in choice locations as well as letters of introduction from banks. The Claimants pleads and shall rely on copies of the said guarantors bond at the trial.

“Those who were unable to meet up with deadlines for the submission of the guarantors had their salaries withheld till they were able to meet up.

“The Claimants state that those documents and bonds including the signed but undated cheques are still in possession of the defendants till date.

“The Claimants state that due to the bond entered with the Defendants they have had to stay back from several job opportunities.

“The Claimants state that sequel to the termination of their appointments, the defendants paid one month salary and unpaid leave allowance into the accounts of the Claimants, leaving out pending Domestic Travel Allowances (DTAS), pending relocation allowances and outstanding float retirements purportedly in lieu of the notice of termination.

“The Claimants also state that the payment of one month salary in lieu of notice is contrary to the 60 days notice required under the condition of service.

“The Claimants state further that the defendants failed to remit their pension contribution as well as tax deductions to the relevant tax agencies and pension managers.

“The Claimants reasonably believe that the mass retrenchment was target against them as married women, because about 97% of the staff whose employment were terminated and laid off are married women.

“The Claimants positions were immediately filled by single female and male staff.

“The Claimants while contending that the purported termination of their employments by the defendants was unlawful, also aver that their rights as married women have been seriously trampled upon by the Defendants.


Man Faints After Discovering His Wife Is His ‘Landlord’



A Zambian man identified as Martin Stampa reportedly collapsed after discovering his wife is his “landlord.”

Local news platforms reported that Stampa lived in the house for 15 years, and was paying 3500 kwacha every month. It was also gathered that his wife was the one who always took the rent to his “landlord.”

However, an altercation ensued after the lady identified as Lushomo discovered that her husband was having an extramarital affair. Martin reportedly told his wife that he got a side chick because he wanted someone who was intelligent and engages in smart conversations.

This riled Lushomo, who ended up spilling the beans and telling Martin that he’s not intelligent enough as he has been paying her a monthly rent because the house they live in belongs to her.

On seeing the house’s title deeds, Martin lost consciousness and collapsed. People had to drench him with bucketfuls of water to wake him up.

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My Administration Has Brought Visible Developments To The State, Lagosians Will Re-Elect Me In 2023 – Sanwo-Olu



Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State has said he is confident that the electorates in the state will re-elect him to steer the affairs of the state for another four years given his record of achievements.

He spoke during a chat on Channels TV’s Sunday Politics program.

Governor Sanwo-Olu, alongside 14 others, will be jostling for the governorship seat in 2023.

He said his administration had brought in development that can be seen and felt by the state’s residents.

“I managed the emergency of the city. Today alone, there are emergencies that have been reported today alone. I’ve recruited over 650 fire service men. I’ve bought 64 brand new trucks that you will come, I will invite you for commissioning.

“I spent over a billion to take off the refuse in Lagos. We’re creating a sanitary landfill site. That’s what we’re doing. We’re building 1618 kilometres of rigid pavement road that runs to tens of billions. We’re building the biggest market in the country because that’s what we’re doing.”

When he was asked if he saw one of his challengers, Olajide Adediran of the PDP, and his deputy, Funke Akindele, a filmmaker, as a threat, Sanwo-Olu said he is the most preferred candidate because he is more experienced.

“So you know, like I said if you have an emergency, who would you call? What are your chances? Do you call the man that has the experience that has gone through the trenches before that has lived with it that understands what the issues are,” he said.

“That appreciate what challenge you have even at 3 a.m. or will you leave your chance to someone that doesn’t know where the dial is or that doesn’t even know what the issues of governance are? This is Lagos.

“This is an informed audience. This is not a tea party. We’re talking about real governance. We’re talking about the lives of 20-plus million Nigerians.

Sanwo-Olu added that Lagos cannot be left in the hands of someone who “cannot run a business that has 100 people.”

The Governor noted that traffic robberies and accidents have significantly reduced following the directive on motorcycle (okada) transportation.

Okada riders were banned by the governor from plying in six local government areas in the state – Eti-Osa, Ikeja, Surulere, Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland, and Apapa and nine local government councils areas.

It is not the first time the government would impose the measure.

In January 2020, the government banned the operation of motorcyclists in 15 local councils across the state.

The governor said that since he gave the directive to restrict the motorcyclists in certain areas of the state, residents have written to him commending the development.

“We’ve also seen a significant drop in accidents. You know, we don’t see people being lame, you know, cutting off limbs in our hospitals again, because these were reckless driving that usually terminate people’s life, unexpectedly,” he said.

“We’ve seen tremendous improvement in that statistics to support. In terms of death drop in the last two months. At the peak of it, we saw about 550 Okada-related accidents at the peak of it in January for over a month.

“Now, it’s coming down to less than 100 direct Okada accidents that we’ve seen, from our hospitals.”

On Amotekun, Sanwo-Olu said there is no need to replicate the Western Nigeria Security Network called in Lagos.

He said the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corp is a replica of the security outfit which “works closely” with the Nigerian Police Force.

“We have the Lagos State Neighbourhood Watch, which are almost 7,000 men that have been trained, that have been energized and are working day to day in the state,” he said.

“There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.”

Since its establishment in 2020, the security outfit has been operational in five states in the South-west except for Lagos.

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HEALTH: Nigeria Records 157 Monkeypox Cases, Four Deaths



The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has confirmed 157 cases of monkeypox across 26 states in the country.

This is contained in its latest monkeypox situation report for week 30, posted on its verified Twitter page.

According to the report, four deaths were recorded in 4 states – Delta (1), Lagos (1), Ondo (1), and Akwa Ibom (1) from January 1 to July 31, 2022.

So far, Nigeria has at least 413 suspected cases of monkeypox.

The report read in part, “There were fifty-six (56) new suspected cases reported in Epi week 30, 2022 (25th to 31st July 2022) from nineteen (19) states – Ondo (13), Plateau (8), Lagos (6), Adamawa (4), Abia (3), Borno (3), Delta (2), Kano (3), Anambra (2), Bayelsa (2), Kwara (2), Akwa Ibom (1), Gombe (1), Imo (1), Nasarawa (1), Osun (1), Oyo (1), Rivers (1) and Taraba (1).

“Of fifty-six (56)suspected cases, there were twenty-four (24) new confirmed positive cases in Epi week 30, 2022 from twelve (12) states – Ondo (5), Kano (3), Lagos (3), Abia (2), Adamawa (2), Bayelsa (2), Kwara (2), Delta (1), Anambra (1), Gombe (1), Rivers (1) and Nasarawa (1).

“From 1st January to 31st July 2022, there have now been 413 suspected cases and 157 confirmed cases (105 male, 52 female) from twenty-six (26) states – Lagos (20), Ondo (14), Adamawa (13), Delta (12), Bayelsa (12), Rivers (11), Edo (8), Nasarawa (8), Plateau (6), Anambra (6), FCT (5), Taraba (5), Kwara (5), Kano (5), Imo (4), Cross River (3), Borno (3), Oyo (3), Abia (3), Gombe (3), Katsina (2), Kogi (2), Niger (1), Ogun (1), Bauchi (1) and Akwa Ibom (1).

“Four deaths were recorded from 4 states – Delta (1), Lagos (1), Ondo (1), and Akwa Ibom (1).

“Overall, since the re-emergence of monkeypox in September 2017 and to 31st July 2022, a total of 925 suspected cases have been reported from 35 states in the country.”

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