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Richard Pryor’s Daughter Visits Nigeria, Launches Multimillion Dollar Film Project



A list Actress, Rain Pryor and Daughter of late Legendary Hollywood actor/stand-up comedian, Richard Pryor, recently visited Nigeria to announce plans to launch a groundbreaking multi-million dollar film project in collaboration with Nigerian producers.

Acclaimed Nollywood actor and star of Netflix movie, Elesin Oba, Odunlade Adekola will be starring alongside major Hollywood actors in a movie that will bring together both cultures. Pryor says she was excited to have Odunlade as a lead actor after watching many of his films and seeing his range of abilities.

“I am a fan of Nollywood, so in the last year and a half, Nollywood has flooded the United States through Netflix and other streaming platforms. I have watched King of Boys, Jagun Jagun and other titles and I have watched Odunlade, his range of abilities and what he can do. My observation is that he possesses what is needed for the character of Oba Fagbemi in the coming film and that was why we chose him,” Pryor explained.

Pryor is currently working with Bola Atta and Chike Nwoffiah, a Nigerian filmmaker and arts consultant on the film project. Whilst Pryor takes on the dual roles of director and Executive Producer, Atta and Nwoffiah  are Executive Producers of the film project.

On the inspiration behind the project, Pryor said, “What prompted the story was my family. I have a family that is rich in tradition and culture and when I travelled to Nigeria to learn about the Yoruba culture, predominantly Ifa, I thought how can I bring together, Nigerian and black Americans to create something that is a mixture of Hollywood and Nollywood. My father, who was a late popular comedian and actor, made profound changes in his life when he came to the African continent and felt that he found his soul and himself and here I am doing the same thing and finding my place.”

Atta and Nwoffiah disclosed that the high budget multi-million dollar film project is in the pre-production stages and will begin filming in 2024 with the film set for a 2025 release. Atta also said that the film will be shot in Osun and Lagos state, Nigeria as well as the state of Maryland in the United States of America.

The project focuses on the history and culture of African-Americans and Africans worldwide, tracing their roots back to Nigeria. Rain Pryor, who is an actress and entrepreneur, is not only bringing Hollywood and Nollywood together but also promoting tourism and cultural exchange between Nigeria and the United States.

The 54 year old who said she is enthralled with the Nigerian culture, which informed why she adopted the Yoruba name,  Osunyemi Oriomodun said she is fascinated by the beauty and richness of African culture looking at the nexus between the religion of the people and its essence.

“You can’t really tell the story without being where the story originated from and that is why I am in Nigeria and have visited different cities including Ile Ife known to the Yoruba as the source.

Pryor said her ultimate goal is to ‘go home, go to motherland, come to Nigeria, and  your roots. Immerse yourself in the culture because no one has yet done an International Film of this magnitude between Hollywood and I believe that it will get people excited in the States to say let’s go to Ngeria. Let’s see what it’s about”

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Afrobeats Superstar Wizkid Considers Acting, Says “I Want To Kiss, Shoot Guns In Movies”



Nigerian Afrobeats global superstar, Ayo Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, has talked about his intentions to delve into acting.

In a series of posts via Instagram on Monday, the singer said he wants movie roles that would allow him to kiss and shoot guns.

“Shebi I tell una say I wan dey act film. I just wan dey kiss and shoot gun for movie, Dats all,” he wrote.

In another post, he revealed that he would pick the person he wants to kiss.

“Abeg na me go pick who I go kiss o. All this pple wey dey my dm gerrout,” he added.

Wizkid made these statements after visiting filmmaker Kunle Afolayan over the weekend.

Afolayan posted a video of himself hosting Wizkid at his restaurant Afeyeye Restaurant and Bar KAP Hub in Ikeja, Lagos.

The footage captures the filmmaker giving Wizkid a tour of the place as they exchange pleasantries.

In an accompanying caption, Afolayan wrote, “We are outside!The star boy @wizkidayo @afefeyeye_restaurantandbar @kap_hub #kunleafolayan #wizkid”.

The Afrobeats star has been on a music break since his mother’s burial on October 13.

While teasing his new album, Wizkid said he has made enough music to retire.

“I have enough music to retire, we are recording everyday so imagine how much music I have now,” he had said.

“I love the recording, the performing, I love everything to be honest. I have built my life around this for years, this is the only way I know.”

With a huge fanbase, a slew of awards and honorary mentions, Wizkid has established himself as one of the leading names in the African music industry.

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Afrofusion Singer Burna Boy Congratulates Grammy Awards Nominees



Famous Afrofusion singer Burna Boy has officially congratulated the nominees for the 2024 Grammy.

Last Friday, Burna Boy received four Grammy Award nominations for 2024.

He was nominated for Best Melodic Rap Performance (for “Sittin’ On Top Of The World”), Best Global Music Performance (for “Alone”), Best Global Music Album (for “I Told Them”), and Best African Music Performance (for “City Boys”).

He is the most nominated Nigerian artist in the 66th Grammy Awards nominations list with his four nominations.

Burna Boy took to the microblogging platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to convey his sincere appreciation to the Grammy Academy for the amazing honour.

The real victory, in his opinion, is when he gets to share these moments with people on stage and in his songs.

“Once more, my deepest gratitude to the Grammy Academy for this incredible honour. A huge congrats to the talented African artists who were nominated alongside me. The true win lies in sharing these moments with you all at my shows and expressing it through my music,” he wrote.

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