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Abdulrasheed Bawa: Why The Rage ? — By Rotimi Oyedepo Iseoluwa

Gbemileke Ajayi



1. The name Abdulrasheed Bawa sprang up prominently on the 16th February 2021 when the President, His Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari nominated him as the Executive Chairman of the EFCC.

Shortly after the announcement, the hell let loose as the various social media platforms started witnessing the harvest of untrue, libelous, and malicious publications all in a desperate bid to paint the nominee as an unfit and unqualified candidate in the eyes of the public and the National Assembly saddled with the Constitutional and statutory responsibility of confirming his appointment.


2. In law there is what is called an eye witness’ account. This species of evidence often enjoys more probative value because it seeks to establish with precision, the existence or non-existence of a particular fact in issue. In this case, I believe I can offer an insight into the man Abdulrasheed Bawa because I have had the unique privilege of working closely with him.

3. I know him to be one of the best (if not the best) hands in the Commission. He has distinguished himself and is known for performing his statutory functions within the three cardinal pillars of the Commission’s core values to wit: integrity, professionalism, and courage.


4. The 5th columnist in their failed attempts to paint Mr. Abdulrasheed Bawa as corrupt alleged that he was arrested, detained, and investigated for oil theft and fraudulent sales of some trucks in the Port-Harcourt office.

5. I was glad when the Commission promptly straightened the record by informing members of the public about the falsity of these allegations. From the much I know of Mr. Abdulrasheed Bawa, at no point in his carrier was he ever arrested, detained, and or investigated for any crime let alone the fraudulent sale of recovered proceeds of crime which he investigated and prosecuted to a just conclusion. Truth be told, the Man Bawa is a man of integrity.


6. I can also attest to the fact that Mr. Abdulrasheed Bawa demonstrated his addiction to professionalism and Courage in all the formations of the Commission wherein he had served. He was posted to the Ibadan Zonal office of the Commission as the Head of the Zone. In Ibadan, the nominee made serious indelible professional and courageous marks in the Zone. With his effort, the conviction rate of Ibadan Zone increased exponentially.

7. Having demonstrated his capacity to turn situations around, the management of the Commission posted him to the second-largest operational hub of the Commission- Port Harcourt Zonal Office. Whilst in that Zone, he did not only increase the conviction rate, he was also able to recover proceeds of unlawful activities for the economic benefit of the Government and various victims.

8. His leadership skills, professionalism, and integrity also earned him his last posting to the largest operational hub of the Commission- Lagos Zonal Office. For those who know this Zone, the only conclusion they will come to is that Lagos Zonal office is now a pacesetter and by far, the most organized Zone in the Commission. To mention but few, his achievements in the Lagos Zonal Office includes; renovation of the entire premises, re-organization of the hitherto disorganized recovered proceeds of crimes/ exhibits, electronic movements register, migration from paper to digitalized means of official communication and information sharing, accurate database and statistics, massive recovery of proceeds of crime and convictions.

9. I also know that apart from his competence and capacity to lead the Commission, I am highly convinced that in view of the facts at hand and the provisions of section 1 (2) of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (Establishment) Act 2004, Mr. Abdulrasheed Bawa is statutorily qualified to be appointed as the EFCC chairman.

10. I will therefore appeal to the naysayers and those ganging up to stop this moving train to desist, as there is no need for their rage. They should also note and know that there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.


DewsTech Limited, UK Launches It’s Quicoin Project

Gbemileke Ajayi



DewsTech Limited, a London-based Fintech company announced on April 1, 2021, its launch of a unique Decentralized Payment System Called the Qui Payment System.

This payment system is uniquely built to address most issues currently experienced by existing blockchain and cryptographic systems, as it prides itself to be safe, secure, and super fast in consummating transactions.

The idea behind this technology is to create a decentralized payment system that supports Global Trade and transactions, as the world of business now desires improved turnaround time in consummating their transactions, considering the importance of time on business targets and projection.

Qui Payment Project is focused on building a new financial system that challenges the status quo and unlike most cryptocurrencies, the Qui Payment Project generates a coin named QUICOIN, which harps on safety, stability, and importantly USABILITY.

This project, aside from individuals, also ensures the corporates are taken into consideration in the design of its wallet system, which allows for corporates to trade globally and manage their wallets like they currently do with their existing payment system with allowance to identify each of their transactions for records and audit.

Upon full global adoption of this coin, businesses may bid farewell to times of third currency fluctuations and forex availability that really affect their operation and disrupt also their projections.

The Quicoin, which its Initial Coin Offer (ICO) now on offer on is considered as the new big thing in the crypto world, as for once, a cryptocurrency that suits our everyday financial needs is here, as the coin is poised on global adoption and usability by all and sundry in the global trade and transaction space.

The partnership will be fostered with global card payment systems as well as insurance companies to deepen adoption, integration, as well as protect holders of the coins from possible theft and loss of these digital assets.

This promises to be very exciting on full swing and with axillary ecosystems to complement the payment system, the global financial system is about to experience the real change expected of cryptographic and blockchain systems.

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FG Enlists Interpol’s Help Over Fleeing 3,471 Dangerous Prisoners




The Federal Government has asked the International Criminal Police Organisation to be on the alert and look out for the inmates who escaped in the recent jailbreaks in the country, including the most recent in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

It added that the Nigerian Immigration Service had also been issued an alert, noting that the data of the inmates were being compiled and would be sent to the relevant organizations in batches so as not to delay the manhunt.

A senior official with the Nigerian Correctional Service on Saturday told one of our correspondents on condition of anonymity that the number of “dangerous” inmates on the loose officially was 3,471, including those who escaped in Owerri.

The source noted that the inmates included hardened criminals, kidnappers, armed robbers, and condemned criminals awaiting execution. “Suffice it to say that the bulk of those who fled Owerri correctional center are hardened criminals,” the source added.

No fewer than 1,844 inmates escaped from the Owerri Custodial Centre on Monday when unidentified gunmen broke into the facility with the aid of explosives. The gunmen also attacked the state police headquarters, where they freed about 600 suspects in custody. The attackers torched the facilities and also vehicles on both premises.

Despite the persuasion by the Federal Government and its assurance that they would be given amnesty from fresh prosecution if they returned to the facility, the NCoS said on its website on Wednesday that it had a total of 84 inmates back in custody. It said the figure included those who did not flee during the jailbreak, those recaptured, those who voluntarily returned, and those brought back by their relations, traditional rulers and religious leaders.

Further investigations showed that about 1,780 inmates were on the loose, while only 35 inmates didn’t escape during the attack.

On Friday, NCoS authorities published on its Twitter handle the names and pictures of 36 of the fleeing inmates.

Meanwhile, following the escapees’ refusal to return to the custodial center, the NCoS said it was compiling the names and pictures of the fleeing inmates for dispatch to the NIS to prevent them from leaving the country and INTERPOL to track those who might have fled.

The NCoS spokesperson, Francis Enobore, a Controller of Corrections, said the service would seek the assistance of the two agencies in arresting the escaped inmates.

Disclosing this to journalists on Saturday, Enobore said, “We are putting the list together, we would definitely seek INTERPOL and NIS’ assistance.”

Asked how soon they planned to do it, Enobore stated, “Like the ones we are processing now, we want everything to be comprehensive so that we send them at the same time. We also realize that waiting for the list to be comprehensive before sending may also slow down the manhunt, so these batches that are coming up would be sent for local searches at motor parks and other places but everything would be uploaded to the (INTERPOL) platform.”

Investigations by one of our correspondents showed that the 3,471 inmates, who are now part of society, escaped from three custodial centers. Some of them are said to be serving jail terms for various crimes, including murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping while hundreds are facing trial for different crimes.

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Figures Don’t Lie: Wema Bank Standing On Strong Financial Fundamentals — Adebise

Gbemileke Ajayi



Wema Bank, Nigeria’s leading innovative and digital-driven financial institution has reassurance its esteemed customers and shareholders that it remains standing on strong financial fundamentals and reliable performance metrics, riding on the back of seasoned and astute leadership.

The bank gave this reassurance, through its Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Ademola Adebise, while reacting to a recent publication in the media purportedly alleging a dip in its liquidity status following the unaudited report for 2020 with the MD/CEO saying the report is only a deliberate campaign to create panic among its stakeholders using false news, and therefore should be discountenanced,

He said, “The strength and viability of financial institutions are not measured on the isolated performance of one outlier year. The said report based a lot of its false allegations on the unaudited 2020 financial year. But that was a year when COVID-19 induced a lockdown and a disruption of such magnitude that negatively impacted businesses, industries, and economies the world over.

“Wema Bank has continually exhibited not just resilience, but admirable viability over the years with a 30.95% increase in earnings recorded in just 2019. Then came 2020, and in spite of the difficulties, we succeeded in achieving impressive results in key areas such as net earnings from fees and commissions, while growing the Bank’s asset base significantly.

“That’s not all, customer credibility in the bank was also accentuated with a massive increase in customer deposits over the previous year. This is an audacious show of confidence from the customers of Wema Bank

“These performance metrics amongst others, are testament to our smart balance sheet optimization approach which will be affirmed by the time the audited and official 2020 Financial Report is released in the coming weeks “

The CEO also referenced how well the Bank’s performance in the said 2020 makes it one of the best performing financial institutions in the land.

“We won the BusinessDay award for the Best SME Bank of the Year for 2020. A recognition of our unrivaled support for small and medium scale businesses through loans, business advisory, and ease of payments and transactions.

“Also, the recently published 2020 KPMG Customer Experience Survey, showed Wema Bank making significant growth in the retail category, climbing up ten (10) places from the previous year to 2nd position, with an above industry average of 74.6% Customer Experience score. This achievement is a mark of dedication to excellent customer service and refreshing support for all our customer categories.”

The KPMG Customer Experience Survey grades banks over six universal pillars of Personalization, Integrity, Expectations, Resolution, Time & Effort, and Empathy, and Wema Bank has shown a mastery of these pillars and has been outstanding at all of them.

Furthermore, in line with the bank’s sustainability goal of developing digital solutions for societal impact, it successfully organized the second edition of Hackaholics, a radical gathering of developers, web designers, and creative thinkers to develop solutions around key themes of Education, Health, Agriculture, Fintech, Gaming & Betting.

These are intentional measures put in place to sustain an institution’s legacy of economic evolution and social inclusion.

“We are a responsible corporate citizen with empathy as a core pillar of our personality. Thus, we stood by the nation in the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic with significant support for governments at both the federal and state levels.

“Particularly to prevent severe food shortages and align with the SDG of Zero Hunger, we supported State Governments with food palliatives donation which alleviated the conditions of over 80,000 households of the most vulnerable segments of the population.”

With all these financial and non-financial performance metrics, it is not in doubt that Wema Bank is not only standing strong, it is also among the best performing financial institutions in Nigeria, in 2020.

“I’ll take this opportunity to commend our customers for their sustained trust in us. A support that has remained a critical pillar of our stability and growth over the years, especially as we celebrate our 76th anniversary.

For us as a responsible and visionary organization, we are staying committed to our corporate purpose of making life easier and better through innovation and digital-driven lifestyle solutions for Nigerians and their businesses.” Adebise concluded.

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