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About four years after Iyabo Obasanjo wrote an open letter to his father, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the former President has described his daughter as a tough woman who will not put up with any nonsense from anyone.

Obasanjo said this at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos, on Thursday while addressing women at the 14 th annual lecture of the Women in Management, Business and Public Service, where he urged women to play more active roles in politics.

Blaming the minor role being played by women in Nigerian politics on men, the former President said, “It is out of the selfishness of our men; they will look for anything to keep women under and look at the sort of things that we do.

“I had two girls before I had a boy. I had thought that I would never have a boy before I had a boy.

But it doesn’t matter who you are in our own family. My first child, Iyabo will not take nonsense from you.

And you try it; you would be put in your place. It doesn’t matter; you may be 10 times her height, she will bring you down.

It is because I give them the encouragement and you heard, eight of my children have PhDs.

I have slightly more boys than girls but I have more girls with PhD than boys”

Even though, Obasanjo , at the event, praised women and described them as equal to men, ironically, Iyabo, a former senator , accused her father of being fond of maltreating women in a December 2013 open letter.

She had said, “Getting back to my mother, I still remember your beating her up continually when we were kids .

How can kids forget that kind of violence against their mother ? Your maltreatment of women is legendary.

“Many of your women have come out to denounce you in public but since your madness is also part of the madness of the society, it is the women that are usually ignored and mistreated.

Of course, you are the great pretender, making people believe you have a good family life and a good relationship with your children but once in a while your pretence gets cracked.”

Earlier at the event, Obasanjo had described Nigeria as not being “short of women of virtue, women of character, women of integrity.”

He disclosed that he had headhunted Ngozi Okonjo Iweala to be the Minister of Finance in his government as she was working with the World Bank at the time.

Also speaking about why he appointed the late Dora Akunyili as the Director General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, he stated,“I was looking for somebody who would work in NAFDAC.

There was an old man who was there and didn’t really impress me. I had a couple of meetings with him and I found him not to be the type of man I would want to have on that job.

“I was talking to a friend who said, “Oh, there is a lady; she went to Britain for a medical programme and when she finished, she said whatever money was left from the money deposited by her department should be sent back to the department.

“And the people called her and said, “Are you not a Nigerian? Nigerians will come here and say add something which you would pay back to us later, So, I said there is a Nigerian woman like that, where is she?

So I located Dora and I said, “What is your profession?’ She said, pharmacy. I said pharmacy; I am looking for a pharmacist for this job . She got the job”.


I Became Poorer After Ruling Imo For Eight Years —– Rochas Okorocha



Former Imo Governor Rochas Okorocha has claimed he became poorer after ruling the state for eight years.

He stated this during an interview on Channels Television.

Okorocha, who represents the Imo West senatorial district, denied allegations he acquired properties with government funds.

He explained he had always been a successful person before coming into office in 2011 and dared anyone to come forth with evidence that he mismanaged funds meant for the government.

He said: “I challenge anybody to prove that I acquired any property with any government fund.

“I think people have forgotten that I was Rochas before becoming the governor of Imo State; I think they have forgotten completely.

“If anything, becoming a governor made me even poorer than what I was in the past. I don’t know whether I acquired any property here in Abuja, there is none.”

He stated that during his two-term as Governor, he built the best international cargo airport and police command in the country as well as 27 hospitals, a new Government House, a new Court, and a new prison complex, among others.

Speaking on his encounter with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), he said: “I said to them (EFCC) that I have not come to respond to your call because there is already a matter in court and once a matter is sub judice, you cannot talk about it.

“Imo State government has taken me to court on the same subject matter and we are at the Federal High Court in Abuja on the same subject matter.

“EFCC is doing their job because if there is no report, they can’t nose into whatever you are doing; EFCC is not witch-hunting, they are acting on a petition being written by somebody.”


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Okorocha To FG: Give Me N76billion And I’ll Create One Million Jobs From Cattle Business



Rochas Okorocha, former governor of Imo state, says he can create one million jobs from cattle rearing if provided with the financial capital.

In recent times, Nigeria has witnessed a spate of farmers-herders crisis in many parts of the country, which has led to the loss of lives and property.

As a result of the crisis, 17 southern governors, last Tuesday, resolved to ban open grazing in their region, after a meeting in Asaba, Delta state.

Speaking on the development in an interview on Sunday Politics, the senator representing Imo west said the country should look into the business of cattle rearing, noting that billions by not handling it well.

“Let me talk to Nigerians for the first time as a businessman. Do you know how many billions of dollars this nation is losing by not handling this business of cattle well in the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he said.

“This business of cattle can create one million jobs for Nigerians, if well-managed. I wish Nigerians can call me or the government will call me and say Okorocha this seventy-six billion.

“We want to give you, it is your share, take it and fix the cattle business. If I do not create one million jobs within the shortest time, just know I’m not Rochas.

“This is business. See money and people are just joking with it. We used to be exporters of leathers, skins. What about dairy products and milk?

“Assuming we have this business, do you know how many welders and fabricators will build body carriers for the cows, while we import the head from China and fix it.”

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Daily COVID Tracker: NCDC Records Seven Infections ,Lowest Single-Day Count In 5 Months



The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) says the country recorded seven fresh coronavirus infections on Sunday — representing the lowest single-day count so far in 2021.

The latest cases of COVID-19 were recorded in two states, according to the agency’s update for May 16, 2021.

States that recorded new positive samples are Niger (5) and Rivers (2).

The NCDC reported zero death from COVID-19 complications on Sunday, leaving the death toll at 2,066.

Also, one person was discharged on Sunday after recovering from the infection.

Out of a total of 165,709 COVID-19 cases now confirmed across 36 states and the FCT, 156,413 patients have recovered.


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