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The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, popularly known as Winners Chapel, Dr. David Oyedepo, has stated that he has doubt in the Nigeria project.

Oyedepo this during the weekly Sunday service of the church at its headquarters in Ota, Ogun State.

He said the security apparatus in Nigeria has failed woefully in protecting lives and properties.

He said there is no fairness or justice in the country again and this could lead to the break up of Nigeria.

He said: “To your tent O Israel will be the last resort.

“God prophetically has unmasked this masquerade so that the fear of WHO and WHAT may be behind the mask does not exist.

“These are not Fulani Herdsmen; there are fingers behind the scene, abetting, promoting, empowering them and supplying the arms.”

Expressing dissatisfaction with the spare of killings by Fulani herdsmen, Bishop Oyedepo asked whether the country’s land now belong to Fulani herdsmen.

He said: “It is not enough to pray, people must cry out.

“The destiny of this nation has never been under a threat of survival as it is today.

“People may soon be forced to take laws into their own hands.

“The security apparatus of the nation has obviously failed to protect and defend the lives and property of these poor farmers across the nation.

“While we are claiming to curtail Boko Haram onslaught, we are on the other hand ‘sponsoring or abetting the Fulani herdsmen and their murderous acts.

“Nigeria is a nation at war with herself.

“No external aggression, no ethnic crisis, no natural disaster, yet we are doing mass burials.

“What a nation in a state of slumber.

“Hear the voice of the Lord through this prophet.

“The soul of Nigeria is nearing the point of death and the nation and her citizens are fast becoming endangered species.

“God have mercy.

“I chose some questions that border on conscience as unveiled to me by God.

“Pertinent questions that border on the conscience of a nation and her leaders.

“Is cattle business government’s business?

“Should farmers be killed for Fulani herdsmen to live?

“Should all the farmers leave their farms today for Fulani herdsmen?

“Will the nation ever survive when we are still producing less than 20 per cent of what we eat?

“There is more to these low responses from relevant agencies in addressing this sensitive issue, which is obviously a time bomb.

“Where is the morality behind strangers (Fulani herdsmen) and I call them strangers?
“We live in a land where every community legally own their land.

“Farming on your farm land and some strangers in the name of herdsmen who are doing their own personal business come to graze on your crops and kill you on top of it?

“Where is the government?

“Where are the leaders of thought in Nigeria?

“You say: but what concerns you?

“I am a God ordained stakeholder.

“I have under my care divine grace.

“One out of every 150 Nigerian in this country is under my watch.

“I am a stakeholder.

“God will ask me of them and I don’t want to be inquired of their blood.

“There is no state in this nation without the strong footprint of this church.

“Even in the midst of Boko Haram harassment we were there on ground rescuing souls and praying for the peace of Nigeria.

“Don’t ask me what’s your concern.

“I have more stake than people today that claim to be in power.

“The conscience is dead.

“So, wake up.

“You can’t trade lives of men for your ambition.

“No! No!

“Not when prophets are in the land.

“Does Nigeria land now belong to Fulani herdsmen?

“Are they now the customary land owners in every state, city, town, village and hamlet?

“There is danger in the offing.

“Can these citizens still trust the security agencies of this nation for their protection?

“It is after the killing they arrive there.

“And when citizens can no longer trust the government for their protection, a state of anarchy is in view.

“Insurrection may as well be on the way.

“This largely unchecked aggression of Fulani herdsmen may eventually choke the soul of Nigeria to death.

“God forbid.

“Is Nigeria project still working?

“I have my doubts.

“We cannot remain one with gross injustice with no feeling of concern.

“It is time to get out of slumber.

“Nigeria shall remain one because justice shall prevail.

“You can’t be stepping on my toes and say let’s have peace.

“I say take your feet off my toes and you say no just let’s have peace.


“You will have an exchange of blows.

“You can’t have peace with injustice.

“It is not done.”

Below is the full text of the speech, titled: “Wake Up Nigeria.”

Prophets have the responsibility to engage fervently on the prayer altar for the salvation of the soul of a nation. Prophets have a duty to warn people, warn nations against impending danger. I’m sent as a prophet to the nations and He grants me access to divine confidentialities about nations. So, I have this wake-up call to a nation in its state of slumber.

Boko Haram in disguise

Insurgency is spreading across the nation under the guise of Fulani Herdsmen, danger is looming. For example, how many of these killers have been brought to book since their campaign of carnage, dearth and destruction began, one may ask. They must have the backing of some invisible powers. A nation-wide crisis or unrest is in the offing and may be worse than anyone known around the world.

Now, tell me what is the morality behind some strangers, who are doing their business as cattle-rearers to overrun your farm with your labour of planting, cultivating and nurturing your plant, and graze their cattle over your crops, and when you challenge them, they kill you on top of it? Where are the leaders of thought in Nigeria? Where is the government? And that continues unabated.

We are sitting on the keg of gunpowder. God spoke to me about it as far back as 1992, that a time like this was coming; it’s plainly written in my diary. Nigeria shall not be destroyed. God shall trouble all the troublers of the progress and peace of this nation.

A Nation at war with herself

The destiny of our nation has never been under any threat of survival as it is today. People may soon be forced to take laws into their hands. The security apparatus of the nation has obviously failed to defend the lives and properties of these poor farmers across the nation. Where we are claiming to curtail the Boko Haram onslaught, we are on the other hand sponsoring or abetting Fulani Herdsmen and their murderous acts.

Nigeria is a nation at war with herself. No external aggressions or aggressors, not ethnic crisis, no natural disaster, yet we are doing mass-burials. What a nation in a state of slumber? Hear the voice of the Lord through this prophet. The soul of Nigeria is near the point of death. Citizens of this nation are fast becoming endangered species. God have mercy!

Should farmers be killed for Fulani herdsmen to live?

Let me ask these pertinent questions that bother on conscience of a nation and her leaders. Is cattle business government business? Should farmers be killed for Fulani Herdsmen to live? Should all the farmers leave their farms today in the fear of Fulani Herdsmen? As at the last time I knew, Nigeria still produces less than 20 per cent of what she eats. What is the contribution of the Herdsmen and their cattle business to the GDP of Nigeria? There is more to this slow response of government to addressing this sensitive issue which is obviously a time bomb.

Are Fulani herdsmen the owners of Nigeria?

Question number 2: Does Nigerian land belong to the Fulani Herdsmen? There has never been this kind of assault on the intelligence of the people like we have it now. Should you allocate my father’s land to Fulani Herdsmen? Never! There will be brutal response. No, No. Are they now the customary land owners of every state, city, town, village and hamlet in Nigeria? There is danger in the offing. Every community may soon set up their own security system to defend the insurgency of the Fulani Herdsmen.

Do you still trust the security agencies?

Question number 3: Can the citizens still trust the security agencies of this nation for their protection? You will be vulnerable for life! Where citizens cannot trust government for security, a state of anarchy is in view. Insurrection may as well be on the way. This largely unchecked aggression of Fulani Herdsmen may eventually choke the soul of Nigeria to death. God forbid!

Is the Nigerian project still on course?

Question number 4: Is the Nigerian project still working? Without justice there cannot be peace. You don’t step on my toes and say let’s have peace. I say ‘remove your leg, you are on my toes,’ and you say ‘no.’ You can’t have peace but exchange of blows! Caution! Let politicians be warned! Don’t sell off the destinies of men for your ambitions.

Because I have a stake in this…

I have been praying and I have changed my prayer level in praying for the generations of this church. That Lord, let this church continue to grow both in my life time and the generations after me. True leaders mind the coming generations. Nigeria is rescued! Let no religious bigot say to me: “But what is your concern?” Wait! By the grace of God, one out of every 150 Nigerians is under my apostolic coverage. So you are not a leader by elective office, you are a leader by the amount of people you have responsibility over. I am answerable to God on what happens to them. You can’t kill their fathers and mothers in the name of being in power. Enough is enough.

God still confirms the words of His prophets

When prophets speak, God confirms it. You have seen God confirm the things I say time and again. These wicked forces will be visited by vengeance!

No value for human life in Nigeria

Is our sense for human value as a nation still alive today? I don’t know. What I know is that it’s not alive. Today human lives are now being slaughtered for cattle without any drastic intervention from relevant security agents. Should men and women and children continue to lay down their lives for cattle? There is no nation on the earth where the defence of cattle is above the defence of human lives. How are these killers making away with their murderous acts? They must have the backings of the powers that be. Any right thinking Nigerian will speculate same. Is Boko Haram not spreading strategically across the nation? How many cows will a Fulani Herdsman sell to buy an AK47 Riffle which now stands at about N3 million per piece. A cow, the fattest is N180,000 – N200,000. To buy five rifles equals N15million; all the cattle they have is not up to that! You don’t hire security guard in a room-and-parlour apartment. Some fellows supply these arms and you cannot tell how much stockpile of arms they have.

A word is enough!

Nigeria is becoming an endangered nation where any group of people may attempt to overrun the nation overnight. Caution! Caution!! Caution!!! To everyone responsible for the affairs of this nation, Caution! The reason why prophets speak is so that He does not require the blood of the people from them. God has sent me to warn this nation; a flood of evil is at the door. But for the sake of the elect, God will spare this nation. The wickedness of the wicked will fall on their head! Thank you Jesus!
Wake Up Nigeria, Wake Up!

Nigeria should wake up out of slumber and defend the unity of our great nation, or “To your tent O Israel” will be the last resort. God prophetically has unmasked this masquerade so that the fear of WHO and WHAT may be behind the mask does not exist. These are not Fulani Herdsmen; there are fingers behind the scene, abetting, promoting, empowering them and supplying the arms.

I saw it coming in 1992; am not talking about the government, I’m talking about what God showed me about the nation. I saw it coming, I wrote it down. Fearful, but God said, “If I can find 50 people in that city, I will save it. For the sake of the elect, Nigeria will not be destroyed. God will destroy everyone is out to destroy this nation. Thank you Father.

Endorsement of partisan politics for members…

Therefore beware, every aspersions cast on a prophetic word usually boomerangs. I will never be partisan till I die. I don’t belong to any party. This church has members who belong to every political party; I’m a father to all of them. But everybody must belong to any party of their choice, hold a party card and be part of choosing who looks after your affairs. Compulsorily, in this church, everybody must belong to, and must be a card-carrying member of a party of their choice and be a part of the process. Without light, darkness will keep harassing. Let these sons and daughter of light invade every party of their choice and let’s make our rightful input. That’s what we are talking about. Thanks you Jesus. Enough is enough!”

Time to reap what they have sown

He that killeth by the sword shall fall by the sword. Enough is enough! Everyone who has become part of making other children fatherless and motherless, theirs would soon become fatherless and motherless. Thank you Jesus!…

The judgment of God will visit these killers. Their source of supplies shall dry up. The generation of the perpetrators of this evil against innocent Nigerians shall rot away. Those who won’t let Nigeria have peace, God will remove them. The church of Christ in Nigeria shall keep going forward. Peace shall be restored to our streets. In the Name of Jesus! Thank you Father!


No Going Back On Social Media Regulation —- FG




The Federal Government has said there was no going back on its move to regulate social media in the country.

As proof of that, it has contacted the two major social media platforms — Facebook and Google — over the issue.

The government cited recent instances of fake news that made it resolve to go ahead with the plan to ensure that damages were not done to the country through social media.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, made these known at a news conference in Abuja yesterday.

He also explained why the ministry requires $500 million loan from and tendered an apology to air travellers for the diversion of Lagos-bound flights to neighbouring countries, especially Ghana.

Mohammed said: “We are pushing ahead with our plan to sanitize the social media, working with stakeholders. By March 2, 2020, we will inaugurate a stakeholders committee that will deliberate and recommend the way forward.

“We are also planning a major international conference that will bring together the tech companies, media practitioners, policymakers and others as part of efforts to tackle this growing canker-worm

“Last week, I met with representatives of Google and Facebook for the same purpose. The situation is dire, and no nation that values its peace, security and stability will allow an irresponsible use of social media.

“There has been a spike in the dissemination of fake news and the use of disinformation in recent times. This is not accidental: Fake news, disinformation and hate speech have become the weapons of choice to create tension in the polity and destabilise the country.

“And those behind them, the naysayers, are not about to relent. Those behind this campaign of fake news and disinformation have also deployed new tactics, top of which is the recycling old news items and videos.

“For some people, the 2019 elections are not over. They are stuck in the pre-election mode. And they must continue to use these weapons to put Nigeria on edge.”

He described report of plans by the government to float new ‘communication regulations’ aimed at recording all calls, monitoring WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook as “fake.”

Mohammed added: “Another good example is the video of the over 400 young men suspected to be Boko Haram members who were intercepted in Abia State in 2014.

“About two weeks ago, the video came back into circulation, creating panic in the polity. The intention of those behind it is simple: to create tension and panic in the country.’

Other recent instances of fake news, according to the minister, are reports that President Buhari will be travelling to the United Kingdom for 20 days before proceeding to Saudi Arabia and Austria; that the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, was attacked at Rigasa train station in Kaduna and that the Nigerian Air Force killed 250 Boko Haram insurgents.

The minister advised Nigerians “to be circumspect in believing or circulating fake news.”

He also clarified that the $500 million loan being sought from China is not for the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) alone.

Mohammed explained that the loan was for three major projects contrary to the “hysteria” created over it in a section of the media.

A section of the media had reported that the minister while defending the loan before the National Assembly, said it was for the upgrade of facilities to enable NTA to compete with the likes of United State’s Cable News Network (CNN).

His words: “In an era of social media, the real news is usually sacrificed on the altar of sensationalism and disinformation.

“That’s how I will describe the hysteria, in a section of the media, over the reportage of the 500 million dollars loan being sought from China.”

The minister said the loan would be used to construct a headquarters complex and transmission network for Integrated Television Services (ITS), the Federal Government-owned signal distributor and a major component of the country’s Digital Switchover (DSO).

He said the loan would also be used to build an ultra-modern media city in Ikorodu to have, indoor/outdoor shooting area, animation production facility and digital media training centre.

Mohammed said other facilities in the city would include world class cinema, a four-star hotel, an amusement park and amphi-theatre.

The minister said the loan would also be used for the acquisition of digital movie production equipment for rental as well as power system

He disclosed that the media city training academy was only the second of its type in, the first being in Egypt.

Mohammed said the facilities would be used to train Nigerian broadcasters and filmmakers in the production of high-quality media content programmes and make Nigeria a hub for digital movie production in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The minister also disclosed that the loan would be used for digitisation of all NTA stations at the headquarters, 12 zonal stations, the 36 states and the FCT as well as 78 community stations.

He said the fund would also be used to upgrade, purchase and install relevant digital TV broadcasting equipment compatible with DSO products and accessories.

Mohammed stressed that the equipment were necessary for the production and broadcast of digital programme contents in addition to the provision of a power system and manpower training.

The Minister, who apologized to Nigerians on the disruption of international flights in Lagos in the last one week, gave insights into technical issues which accounted for the challenges.

He said the two runways at the airport in Lagos have now been calibrated for CAT III ILS and notice sent out to airlines.

The minister said: “Let me apologize to all our citizens and other travellers who have had to endure inconveniences resulting from the diversion of their flights. This is highly regretted.

“I will also like to quickly take us through what caused the problem. In its commitment to passenger safety and security, the Federal Government has recently taken the decision to upgrade the navigational facilities at some major airports across the country.”

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Randy UNILAG Lecturer Sentenced To 21 Years In Jail For Raping 18-Year-Old Admission Seeker




An Ikeja High Court on Thursday sentenced a former part-time lecturer in the University of Lagos, Akin Baruwa, to 21 years’ imprisonment for raping an 18-year-old admission-seeker.

Justice Josephine Oyefeso while sentencing Baruwa, described his action as heinous.

Oyefeso held that the sentence should serve as a deterrent to others.

She said, “The offense committed against this young lady was a violation of her chastity which would have left huge emotional scars from which I pray and hope she will recover.

“I cannot begin to imagine the physical and mental trauma she has had to endure from the man who she considered her father’s friend, a community leader who should have known better. This is a shame.

“This is a crime that not only offends the survivor, it offends her family, it offends the society at large, it also offends God.

“I find you Baruwa Afeez Akin guilty of a one-count charge of rape contrary to Section 258(1) of the Criminal Law of Lagos, 2011, and I hereby convict you accordingly.

“In line with Section 258 of the Criminal Law of Lagos, 2011, Baruwa Afeez Akin is hereby sentenced to 21 years’ imprisonment.”

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JUST IN: SARS Officers Allegedly Shoot Two Hausa Traders While Chasing Yahoo Boy In Abeokuta

Peter Okunoren



There was pandemonium on Thursday in the Olomore axis of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, when operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police Force allegedly shot two Hausa traders.

The SARS operatives were reported to have stormed Olomore Pepper Market while chasing an internet fraudster also known as Yahoo boy, who ran into the market.

Findings showed that stray bullets from the SARS officers’ gunshots hit two pepper sellers in the market during the chase.

An eye witness identified simply as Adamu said one of the victims was shot in the head and the other was shot in the leg.

Adamu said the victims had been rushed to a nearby hospital.

There has been no confirmation that the victim shot in the head died as of the time of filing this report but the other victim it was gathered is being treated at the undisclosed hospital.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Abimbola Oyeyemi, had yet to reply a text message sent to his phone and several calls made to his phone were not answered as of the time of filing this report.

Details to follow….

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