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Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban of Borgu and his wife Senator Remi Tinubu are currently on cloud 9 presently as they have welcomed their latest grandchild into the world, a bouncing baby girl!!!!

Seyi Tinubu’s gorgeous wife, Layal Tinubu after hiding very well her tummy and that she underwent the compulsory 9 months course, has finally put to bed and the new born, is as gorgeous as the mom, a very healthy bouncing baby princess.

So it’s not only the Tinubu’s that are on cloud 9, so also is the elder sister lookalike mom of Layal, Mrs. Holm who has just wrlcomed her first ever grandchild!!!

Mother and child are said to be in fantastic condition. Seyi the new daddy is said to be giddy with excitement at being a new daddy yo.

This baby coming now just adds to the excitement that’s already on ground, as Seyi’s brand​ Loatsad Promo, an advert agency is enjoying very plenty of attention as we speak and raking in good money from it.

The bouncing baby girl was born at the Great Portland Hospital, which is located on the Great Portland Street at the West end of London in Marylebone. It is a private hospital, in fact the only private hospital in the whole of London dedicated entirely to the care of women and children.

Meanwhile, the new Daddy Yo, Seyi Tinubu, just got himself a brand spanking new, sexy black S63 Mercedes Benz Coupe, a gorgeously seductive and totally intimidating car, which we hear starts at about ₦50 million Naira.

This Merc is technology on fire and we hear the inside or better still, interior is tan in colour. It’s like driving a private jet, like a Gulfstream​ IV. It’s normal road racing awesome machine at its best. This is adding to the other awesome cars already in his mind blowing collection, which makes it 3 top of the range Mercs and a Bentley 2-door.

To show love to his wife and also celebrate her, Seyi, we gathered also took delivery of a brand spanking new, luminescent white Range Rover Autobiography also, 2017 edition at that which starts from $170,995 which is in excess of ₦50 million Naira.
For those familiar with Range Rovers, the autobiography edition or class is the highest you can go; what the mode or edition implies very simply is that, it is a signature range in their collection. Both cars conservatively put, would have set him back by not less than ₦110 million Naira only.

For many who might not know Seyi very well, the law graduate of the University of Buckingham with both his LLB & LLM degrees has had his hands in some very lucrative pies as of recent and if things continue to unfold as fantastically as they have been of late, dude should emerge soon as one of the biggest players in advertisement/outdoor promotion/branding sub-sector.

His brand we hear has stakes in Shazam and AirPush, 2 well known international brands. Loatsad Promomedia is connected to Promomedia, the biggest outdoor and media supplier in the Middle East, number 1 in Lebanon and Iraq.

A testament to that connection are some of those in your face, one of its kind, LED outdoor billboards owned by Loatsad Promomedia and mounted strategically in some exclusive areas on​ the island, displaying plenty of adverts and promos.

The very energetic dude and avowed Polo buff, also has hands in Construction and energy. But what he is best known for albeit very quietly is his philanthropic drive, which in the next few months he wants to take to the very next level.

His idea is to take kids off the streets and care for every level of their education, thereby empowering such.

With those machines!!!!!

What a sweet way to celebrate a new birth!!!!

Congratulations again!!!


SAD! Taxify Driver Awaiting Youth Service Loses Sight To Lagos Traffic Robbers

Gbemileke Ajayi



A graduate of Physics from the Kogi State University, Tomi Waziri, 27, has lost his eyesight to an armed robbery attack while in traffic in the Apongbon area of Lagos.

Waziri, who was waiting for his call up letter from the National Youth Service Corps for the mandatory one year service, was said to have approached his sister’s husband to engage him as a Taxify ride-hailing service driver until he would be mobilized for the scheme.

It was learnt that on September 12, two armed robbers attacked him while in traffic and shot him in the face.

Waziri was said to be conveying a female passenger to the Papa Ajao area of Mushin around 8.00 p.m., when the robbers attacked him.

They were said to have left immediately they shot him.

The victim narrated his experience, “I live at No. 35 Daudu Street, Mafoluku, Oshodi. I was robbed in traffic on the Apongbon Bridge, Lagos, on September 12, 2019, by two young men around 8pm. I was a Taxify (now Bolt) driver and I had a female passenger in the car. We were going to Papa Ajao, Mushin.

“One of the robbers pointed a gun at me; I was about giving him my phone, when he shot me in the face and collected the phone. The pellets shattered the window and hit me in my two eyes.

“The robbers ran away immediately I was shot. My passenger became scared and panicky. The next thing I noticed was that she disembarked from the vehicle and began calling for help as she was running away.

“I was bleeding profusely without help. I came down from the vehicle and shouted for help; nobody answered. After about five minutes, two policemen showed up.

“They were the ones who took me to the Military Hospital, Yaba, in my vehicle. One of the policemen drove us to the hospital. While driving, the other was busy holding me and saying kind words to me so that I wouldn’t give up.

“When we got there, I was given first aid to stabilise my condition.

“I lost vision immediately I was shot. After treatment, it is still the same, we are only hoping for God’s intervention. The vehicle belongs to my sister’s husband. I used to remit money to him pending when I would get the NYSC call-up letter.”

According to him, his brother-in-law has been supportive and is always around for him.

Waziri noted that the doctors at the Eye Foundation, Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, told him that if he had been treated earlier, he would have regained sight in his right eye.

He added, “I went for surgery at the Eye Foundation. Before then, I was being treated at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, and I was about to do the surgery at LASUTH, but there were delays there.

“It was through God’s help that we were able to do it at the Eye Foundation. And when we got there, we were told that if we had come for the surgery earlier, I would have been seeing with at least my right eye. LASUTH was just negligent and wasting time.

“What the doctors are saying now is that we can only hope for the best; what I know is that there is no vision now.”

Waziri noted that his nose was treated at LASUTH, adding that there were still pellets in his face and two teeth, as there were pellets logged in the gum.

He said the doctors told him that if he wanted to get permanent treatment for his damaged teeth, he would have to pay N350,000 for each.

Concerning the pellets in his face, he said the doctors advised him that any attempt to remove them would result in more damage, adding that his body would expel them naturally.

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Makinde vs Adelabu: Confusion As APC, PDP Celebrate Appeal Court Ruling In Oyo

Peter Okunoren



There was wild jubilation in Oyo State following the Monday ruling of the Appeal Court on the application filed by the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the last elections, Adebayo Adelabu, against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Engr. Seyi Makinde.

The Court of Appeal sitting in Ibadan held that there was a miscarriage of justice at the Oyo State Election Petition Tribunal because they should have considered every document submitted to prove its case and not lump it together and consider it as one, it did not give any consequential order to that effect.

The Appellate Court in its ruling resolved the four issues filed by Adelabu in favour of Makinde and dismissed the four reasons. The court had noted that it allowed the appeal because there were issues of a miscarriage of justice at the lower court but added that a judgement must be given after considering a situation in its entirety.

The four-man panel further noted that in this situation the 180 days mandated for the tribunal to operate had lapsed and there was consequently no reason to touch the ruling of the lower court.

Adelabu had filed an appeal through his counsel, Yusuf Alli (SAN), against the judgement of the tribunal upholding the victory of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Engr Seyi Makinde, praying the court to dismiss the judgment of the lower court and order a fresh election while counsel to Seyi Makinde urged the court to dismiss the appeal and uphold the judgement of the case.

While the camps of the APC has started jubilating, the PDP camp has also started jubilating in reaction to the judgement.

APC United Kingdom as at 1:07 PM via his verified Twitter handle @APCUKingdom tweeted that “[BREAKING NEWS] Appeal court rules in favour of APC Gubernatorial candidate in Oyo State, Adebayo Adelabu, as his appeal was upheld. More Details shortly! #NextLevel @OfficialAPCNg @apcghanachapter @apcyouthomoodua.”

Appeal court rules in favour of APC Gubernatorial candidate in Oyo State, Adebayo Adelabu, as his appeal was upheld.

More Details shortly!#NextLevel @OfficialAPCNg @apcghanachapter @apcyouthomoodua

— APC United Kingdom (@APCUKingdom) November 11, 2019

The PDP via G.S.M Media @MakindeMedia, an independent media campaign team for Makinde said: “Congratulations Gov. Seyi Makinde. People’s choice!”

Congratulations Gov. Seyi Makinde.

People’s choice!

— G.S.M Media (@MakindeMedia) November 11, 2019

A copy of the image accompanying the tweet was also posted by Oyo State PDP via @PDPOyoState.

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Great News! 12-Year-Old Nigerian Boy, Chika Ofili, Bags Award In UK For Discovering A New Formula In Mathematics




Master Chika Ofili, a 12-year-old Nigerian boy based in the UK, has bagged a special award for recognition after making a shocking new discovery in mathematics.

He is said to have discovered a new formula for divisibility by 7 in mathematics.

His new formula for divisibility of 7 is to multiply the last digit in the figure and then add everything together, then check if the new figure is a multiple of 7.

For example, to check if 7 can divide 532, the process is illustrated below:

53 + 2 x 5= 63

63, is a multiple of 7; hence 7 can divide it. Amazing isn’t it??? Nigeria to the World!!!

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