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Charles Dukwe, Uk4frica Defrauds Widows, Elderly And Others In Billion Naira Scam




A man who once paraded himself in Nigeria as a saviour using christianity and development as a shadow has fled the country after duping thousands of Nigerians since 2011.

He created a project called NEW NATION starting from Port harcourt spreading all over the country with office presence everywhere in the state. Over 40 thousand women lots of which are widows were told to register for his gender program called WOMEN IN OIL with N8,700 – N10,000 each in return they get paid N10,000 monthly, medical supports and others which he said will start in 2014 and nothing have been said or done about this while the Dukwe Charles remains at large.

The Nigerian government previously arrested him for fraud in 2012 and 2013 when he used the then President Jonathan’s image to make women pay him money for his dubious women program. Somehow he was released before SEC closed down most of his NEW NATION offices in Nigeria.

Over 10 thousand elderly people paid him N12,000 – N15,000 each for his elderly care program GREY & STRONG which he only gave few blood pressure & blood sugar testing device that had no value while the promise of building elderly homes, health care, N15,000 quarterly never happened and his nowhere in Nigeria.

After he disappeared from Nigeria to UK in 2014 he somehow lured some other Nigerians to invest some money for an African award organised in Oxford England, over N40 million was raised and sent to him from Nigeria, he promised those who invested 9months return of 100% investment which he branded PROFIT FOR SAVING LIVES (PSL).
This man is a master in packaging, craftiness and deceit, billions have been raised by this man using the needs of the people as leverage. Countless number of Nigerians have been used to raise money for him dubiously unknowing to them.

Majority of them have not been paid their agreed and promised salaries till date while his families leaves in paradise both home and abroad thanks to his lots.

According to complaints from Kenya and some African countries where Charles Dukwe is running other numerous dubious programs such as UK4Africa, WISP, Africans Farmers Club and others which he is using the sales of China made branded inferior tablets as decoy to defraud Kenyans and other African countries just as he did in Nigeria.

His blind followers believes he wants to raise money in Kenya and other countries to settle his debts in Nigeria, if this is believed to be his intentions then it is therefore a Pyramid Scheme or Ponzi scheme initiated by Charles Ponzi but now modernized by 21st century Charles Dukwe.

Nigerians should be on high alart as this Charles Dukwe plans to return to Nigeria with another scheme through his lotted empty office and followers to defraud Nigerians again like others did. We want any one with useful information about this man to report him to the nearest police station or other security agencies anywhere in the world especially in Africa for arrest, interrogation and prosecution on international crimes.

Hundreds of people are busy paying crazy money into his account as you read this especially in Kenya, your quietness will keep making other fellow Africans poorer and vulnerable to fraudsters.



  1. Avatar

    Mungo G

    July 23, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    This man Lambert is now in Uganda he has a company called Development channel wich is selling fake tablet to innocent people who think that they are investing their money. If u can inform Uganda government to stop him

    • Avatar


      July 30, 2018 at 3:58 pm

      True but how does Ugandan government get to him when he is busy praising museveni

    • Avatar

      Stella Amutos

      July 30, 2018 at 4:27 pm

      Ds man is busy duping Ugandans seriously plz let d responsible authorities get ds man

  2. Avatar

    Ocen Joshua

    July 28, 2018 at 9:00 am

    Please Let the Nigerian and Ugandan government work together for the arrest And prosecution of Charles (Dukwe now Lambert in Uganda) He Is Now Frauding Ugandans With A Ponsi Scheme Called Africas First Economic War Under The So Called Development Channel.

  3. Avatar


    August 3, 2018 at 6:35 am

    Am laughing my head off this idiot has defrauded many Ugandans and myself inclussivse his craftness though is high standard he tries to give you a picture that his program is real not until u hear him talking.. He only bubbles nusty words abusive language is what he uses always… Oh Charles Lambert the Lord will punish you. Quit Uganda we are done

  4. Avatar


    August 6, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    As a Nigerian Myself i have questioned this man business scheme, but some of my brothers wont listen to me , when on doing their so called investment , or they fail to listen to me because i was from North eastern Nigeria, but one thing remains whatever dirty deals he makes here in Uganda , the smell will remain on us the bonified Nigerian. stay away from this man ..he has bad image in his home country and other African countries

  5. Avatar

    Tusiime Godwin

    August 16, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    Many Ugandans a likely to be victims to this man , what annoys me is the security can’t do any move to save our people , to the extent his using our President’s photos on his building offices esp bukoto , wc is blackmailing people think ing that they dealing with legit man

  6. Avatar


    August 21, 2018 at 8:50 am

    We are done but for God and my country in Uganda he will not escape Gods purnishement which even his grand grand children will witness

  7. Avatar

    Kismaruba Johnny

    November 29, 2018 at 11:01 am

    My God have mercy on all of you Africans especially does of you writing this rubbish to tarnish the image of Charles Lambert.
    It is true that Africans have achieved political independent , but you are still a slave to western in your mind. economically your Africans are still depending on their colonies while having abundant resources in disposal because they don’t know how to harness it for their use.

    Now here comes a man with large vision that will liberate the entire Africa fro economic slavery, but lack patience and selfishness and lack of investment culture is denying from seen the future ahead of you. A man who is a scammer cannot reveal to you his full identity and his family. Charles Lambert full identity to his own village is publish in internet, in all the brochures of the company. he has never plan to scam anybody, the concept he is introducing to Africa is strange to them, and strange to the government itself.

    i ought you to face your business give him change to unveil the plans he has for you. if you you don’t stop writing against Charles Lambert, sooner or later you will regret your actions. you will come trembling and begging for forgiveness. all writers we are fishing out your data one by one, you will answer to your crime very soon

    • Avatar


      July 13, 2019 at 6:43 pm

      Every thing you just vomited here is rubbish…since 2013 that he introduced his project called Grey and Strong, has anyone benefited from it? If yes, lets hear from the beneficiary. Sadly, I was also used by Duke an co to defraud unsuspecting individuals by registering them for grey and Strong package. This is 2019, nothing so far.

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Adeboye, AJ Boxer, Ajanaku, Tonto Dikeh Others Hailed As ‘COVID-19 Celebrity Champions’ In July Issue of Apple’s Bite International Magazine




The midsummer issue of Apple’s Bite International Magazine identifies certain distinguished Nigerians across multiple sectors, who have lent various support in the fight against the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.
These individuals are Pastor E. A. Adeboye, David Adeleke (Davido), Asiwaju Rotimi Ajanaku, Tonto Dikeh, Archbishop Designate Isaac Idahosa, Anthony Joshua.
Others are Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome (Ali Baba), Bankole Wellington, Otunba Femi Davies, Prophet Emmanuel Omale, and Williams Uchemba.
These individuals are hailed as Covid-19 Celebrity Champions on the merit of their various contributions from donating health facilities to the government as isolation centers, making monetary donations to support the fight, championing awareness campaigns, sponsoring researches to find a cure for the virus and supporting thousands of indigent Nigerians who have suffered economic hardship as a result of the lockdown.
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Zimvest Economy Conversations: Financial Experts Call for Reorganization of Nigeria’s Market Architecture

Peter Okunoren



Stakeholders in the Nigerian Capital market, Asset Management, and Banking Industries have called for a rethink of the nation’s economic philosophy and a reset of the financial market architecture. This was part of the major takeaways from the “Zimvest Economy Conversations”, a thought-leadership series of Digital Private Wealth and Investment Management Firm, Zimvest (Zedcrest Investment Managers) held on Saturday, June 20, 2020.

Giving the opening remark during the virtual event, Business Head of Zimvest, Gbenga Adigun, noted that investors are gravely concerned with investment returns in light of the current low yield environment while financial institutions are thinking of how their product development and service delivery should evolve with the changing needs of investors.

Bola Onadele Koko, CEO of FMDQ Group while delivering the keynote speech on the event theme “The Economic Landscape and Investor Preferences in Post-pandemic Africa”, talked about the toll the growing pandemic has had on African markets. He laid emphasis on the slow down in key segments of the economy including the financial markets, tourism, remittances, and foreign direct investments. He called for a rethink of Nigeria’s economic philosophy with clarity from the fiscal policymakers which will be critical for gaining investors’ confidence.

According to him, “Now is the time to develop new and ingenious ways to develop and drive the Nigerian financial market and in the continent at large. Private capital will especially be more essential as recent shocks have shown the limits of Governments’ abilities particularly in developing countries”, he said.

The capital market leader also stated that FX reforms will be critical for the Nigerian economy at this point; noting that trading activity in the Nigerian Fixed-Income and Interbank Currencies market is down by 55% due to economic slowdown linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

All panelists in this first episode of the thought-leadership series pointed out that most investors were affected by the pandemic and are looking for further ways to diversify their portfolios that may end the year on a negative real return.

Speaking during the panel session, Abiola Adekoya, Wealth Expert and Ex-CEO at RMB Securities, stated that one of the key things that investors are concerned about in this era is the need for diversification, more liquidity, and higher investment returns.

In her words: “A lot of investors have been focused on one product and this pandemic has shown that that is not enough. The nascent interest in alternative assets has shown that there is strong liquidity in the overlooked retail space and Investment managers should pay keen attention and develop alternative assets products, and reduce the reliance on the traditional Fixed income, Money markets, and Equity offerings.

Buttressing Abiola’s position on alternative assets, Esiri Agbeyi, Partner and Head Private Wealth Services, PwC Nigeria, emphasized the need for investors to take keen interest in private equity and other alternative assets investments. She shared a PWC survey on Family Offices. The survey revealed that 63% of family businesses leaned towards private equity as an investment portfolio. Local pools of private capital are important to drive economic development

Onome Komolafe, Divisional Head of Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS), stated the need for improved product development and differentiation, clear market segmentation, and smart communication as tools that financial services firms can deploy in evolving with the changing consumer behavior. She also pointed to premium service delivery and technological innovation as crucial to the democratization of investment opportunities in Africa.

The Group Executive, Treasury & Financial Institutions at First Bank, Ini Ebong, pointed out the present opportunity available for investors, regulators, institutions, market practitioners to reset Nigerian financial market architecture. He noted that this opportunity presents itself mostly around periods of crisis.

According to him, as markets develop, the investing public becomes more able to embrace risk and go for higher return instruments outside traditional bank-based deposits.

“If you want high returns on investment, you must be willing to take on more risky investment products”, said Adetoun Dosunmu, Treasurer at FBN Merchant Bank. “Giving the highly specialized nature of investing, working with a regulated fund manager will be most beneficial to the investor in the long run and would protect against fraud and sharp practices from the teeming number of platforms offering untested investment opportunities”.

During his closing remark, the Founder of the Zedcrest Group and the Chief Host of the event, Saheed Adedayo Amzat, CFA, called on the Nigerian capital market stakeholders to unite to further capital formation in the country. He sounded a note of warning to Nigerians on suspicious wealth generation platforms.

“Many unsuspecting investors over the last three decades have lost their funds to unregulated institutions that promised unbelievable returns. All stakeholders in the sector need to speak up and inform the unsuspecting public about investment platforms. Our regulators need to do more with the support of all players in the Investment management space”, he opined.

The much-anticipated event lived up to its billings as over 1,150 participants engaged the speakers on investment challenges and opportunities they can tap into post-COVID.

Zimvest, the newly launched Investment Management subsidiary of Zedcrest, plans to be at the nexus of a continuing conversation series around Investment management and economic policy landscapes. The second edition of the series is to be announced soon.

A poll conducted during the event also shows that over 60% of participants prioritized “Capital Preservation” when choosing an investment option. Over 72% were concerned about inflation and exchange rate fluctuations and over 81% were concerned about Proven Track Record, Regulatory Compliance, and Transparency when choosing an investment management partner. The session ended at exactly 1 pm on the day.

For more information, please email [email protected]

A replay of this session can be watched via:–z83GtOSuQSDBqcvW9W0e6KsgCVI__dYy0yyWiNQNlShYbAaMLScQgqeV7fIjyl2RsrXPBOZ

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PSHAN, Aig-Imoukhuede Kick off Design Phase of PHC Adoption Programme




Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, in collaboration with the Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria (PSHAN) has unveiled a new initiative geared towards significantly improving Nigeria’s healthcare system at the grassroots level.

The innovative strategy, in furtherance of a vision from an earlier stakeholders’ roundtable, entails delivering one Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) in each of Nigeria’s 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs) at global standards.

Under this private sector driven initiative, universal health access will be provided for low-income citizens residing in rural and urban areas through the Adopt-a-Health Facility Programme (ADHFP).

ADHFP, according to a release issued by the CEO of PSHAN, Mr. Sonny Nwarisi, will be sponsored by a group of Angel Investors and other institutions. These “Angels” will each take responsibility for one or more PHCs – they will build and operate the PHCs for the period of adoption under strict rules and guidelines. The ADHFP is a multi-impact initiative with several benefits including Saving lives, Improvement in health outcomes, Job creation, and Gender empowerment

Mr. Aig-Imoukhuede and PSHAN recently initiated the ADHFP design phase which will be handled by Vesta Healthcare Partners, a global healthcare consultancy firm.

This consultancy engagement is expected to deliver key program components such as Legal and Regulatory Framework, PPP Framework, PHC facility and management standards, Financing Arrangements, Governance Arrangements, Supply Chain Management, and Technology & Systems.

The design phase will involve the active participation of notable development-focused organizations including Global Citizen, ABCHealth, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), MTN Nigeria Plc, Dangote Group, Zenith Bank, Access Bank, Stanbic-IBTC Bank, PwC, Cisco, Ford Foundation, Nigerian Stock Exchange, and Flying Doctors Nigeria.

Others include Africa Practice, Cedar Advisory Partners, GBCHealth, Health Federation of Nigeria, Health Law, Eti-Osa Local Government, JNC International Ltd, Johnson & Johnson, Justice in Healthcare, Lagos State Government, MSD for Mothers, Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG), ONE Campaign, PharmAccess Foundation, Women-At-Risk International Foundation as well as the Lagos State Government and the SSA to the President on Sustainable Development Goals among others.

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