July 22, 2013 posted by porscheclassy

Stella Damasus Spits Fire, Blast Patience Jonathan and Senators Over Underage Marriage Law #ChildNotBride [DOWNLOAD VIDEO]

stella fire

Nollywood Movie Star Stella Damasus has added her voice to the #ChildNotBride campaign, i need to state clearly that this is truly a patrotic act by Stella Damasus and she must indeed be commended. Stella has joined people like Omotola who added her voice to the campaign during the just concluded MBGN.

It will also interest you to note that Nigeria’s Singing Duo of Peter and Paul Okoye had also fired at Senator Yerima and his pedophilia colleagues over what is being termed an abuse on the child right, indeed Stella deserves a STANDING OVATION for this…..Watch this, Comment on the Post and Broadcast till it gets to the corridors of Aso rock.

I Ayobami Ladipo stand for Justice, Peace and Support the #ChildNotBride Campaign…..Let’s help the girl child fight for her right since she’s too young to be heard. She deserves the best of education and care…


Watch Via Youtube:

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  • Stella, you are a human being!!!!! Bold and courageous woman, God bless you for making your voice heard. Those shameless beasts want to keep women in slavery and hide behind religion, They will all perish like smoke ,they will be like wood before the fire, their judgment is fast approaching. Pedophiles in disguise, heartless men who derive pleasure in evil as they strive hard to create a nation controlled by evil men. Their enemy will arise from their house, and destroy them unawares. Obviously,Nigerians are not willing to pay the price for freedom, I commend you Stella for not being a coward, You are a hero.

  • Tears filled my eyes to see a woman like me talk like this. I can’t just imagine my own daughter being picked up for that rubbish. Stella, the lord will continue to empower you and I, as person and a good mother in support of your broadcast is ever ready to join the move come rain come shine. Stella love you so much. You are a pride to motherhood. I’m very proud of you.

  • God wil bles uuuuuuuuuu

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