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Nembe Creek Well Explosion: More Than Meets The Eye —- By Ayo Fadahunsi




The predicament that played out on Friday, 1st March 2019, in Bayelsa is indeed a disaster like the others before it in the different parts of the country.

The Mile 1 community and others within earshot were in the wee hours of the morning, reeled off their beds by an explosion said to have come from the Nembe Creek Well 7, belonging to Aiteo Eastern Exploration and Production.

Within hours of occurrence, stories were churned out with headlines that threw Nigerians into pandemonium.

While both manicured and pruney fingers point at the company with zillion blame for the incident, let’s not ignore the small finger pointing to the accuser. The case of a breach cannot be overruled especially due to past escapades and ensuing crisis and case of militancy in the Niger Delta. 
In a 2018 survey, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) said the nation recorded 194 cases of pipeline vandalism between January 2017 and the corresponding period of last year. 

It is impossible to overlook vandalism because not only has statistics placed Nigeria at the top of pipeline vandalism and illegal oil bunkering, it has also shown that out of every three explosions in this part of the world, one is a sabotage for economic gains. 

Considering also that according to the company, facilities at the Creek were shut down on 28th of February due to NCTL outage and judging from the point of the explosion which was not from a pipeline but from a flow station in the oil well whose valves were intact, only a third-party infraction could have been responsible. An IOC which stands to lose hundreds of dollars in Aiteo’s new project and one of Nigeria’s banks have been fingered to be behind the incident.

There is also the issue of yellow journalism to decry. Did scores really die? Just how much of what was published is true? 
First, they put death toll at 100 persons – seriously? Who conducted the census, how did the story find its way to EIN, a paid news wire in less than 24hours? 

Then, International publications latched on to the lie that the NCTL was on fire – what NCTL please? And how is it that New York Times, Daily Mail and Jeune Afrique could stoop to the level of carrying unverified stories? 
Next, they declared 50 persons missing only to turn around and publish a follow up saying missing persons have been found. What search party found them? This is a clear case of lack of professional integrity which is why rather than shamefully admit to have been cleverly used to publish a fake story and retract same, they crafted a different headline to say the latter.  They also said the company did not report the explosion to NOSDRA and appropriate authority and accused them of concealing a high level of leakage and a gas explosion at their facility at Nembe Creek. 

When that failed, they said Aiteo prevented NOSDRA from accessing the incident scene. This chain of lies cascading in the guise of media reports are barely intelligible rhythms with staccato aphorisms. 

Aiteo’s official statement debunked the stories peddled: “Preliminary investigations confirm that there were no fatalities; human incidents or damage to community property. All the wells and facilities in the immediate vicinity have been inspected and secured. This incident did not occur at or involve any part of the NCTL or other pipelines. It is important to note that prior to this incident, all facilities have been shut down since 28 of February 2019 due to NCTL outage.

Accordingly, any account suggesting that this incident arose from or affected any pipelines is wholly inaccurate and misleading.”Contrary to the ugly and destructive lies, available documents of the notification of spill reported that NOSDRA, NAPIMS, and DPR were informed and ipso facto, the Joint Investigation Visit (JIV) will Thursday, 7th March, visit the scene of the event. Pipelines are expected to be open immediately after.

Also, a picture sighted saw the wellhead intact except for an external slash on one of the linking pipes to the wellhead. Anyone who saw the puncture would agree that there was a breach. If this is not an act of willful sabotage, an act that will have catastrophic effects on everyone, mostly the poor people of Nembe community, then, I wonder what it is. 

Further, the story about Aiteo denying NOSDRA access to the facility, just like others, is a publication targeted at dragging the company’s image to the mud. Judging from an angle of corrupt practices that has bedevilled the country, we can understand that a hungry and dishonest journalist is given cash in exchange for a self-serving story; we can understand that a hare-brained journalist writes reports without first verifying its authenticity, and we can understand that when something of this nature happens, it is the company that gets the first blame. But what cannot be comprehended is why a government agency would effortlessly relay information soiled with dishonesty to the media.

It makes no sense that a government agency would be denied access to a property that also belongs to the government; it is in fact, a campaign harangue with meaningless underpinning. Edification is not needed to realize the deliberate falsehood being peddled here or the creating and withdrawing sensation targeted at heating up the polity. 

When unverified facts and baseless stories are published, if it is not to mislead the public, it is to drive the country into the realm of a reality show conspiracy and when better to do this if not now that the country is starting a new dispensation. Some publications even hinted that the incident is going to affect production with the loss of 2500 barrels of oil that Well 7 produces per day. Exactly what kind of effect will a minuscule 2500 bpd have on a country that produces 2.5million bpd

People need to wake up and realize the real lies in these stories flying around. This is simply a case of cash for stories with the sole aim of discrediting the company because from every indication, the stories are all traceable to one source.

Fadahunsi writes from Ekiti State 

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Rocsol Foods Launches New Product




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Rayna Oat Flour comes in a re-sealable pack of 1.5kg and 750g which is to be sold at N1, 400 and N700 respectively with a life span of 18-24 months and duly certified by NAFDAC.

At the Distributors Business Forum organised by the company, the Acting Managing Director, Rocsol Foods, Joseph Igori described the new Oat Flour as a premium product and the finest product ushered into the market in terms of value for price; birthed after years of planning, research, design and therefore urged distributors, marketers, eateries, hotels and consumers to immediately key into it.

Speaking at the product launch in Lagos with marketers and distributors, Joseph Igori explained that Rocsol Investment Limited is known for many things which include Construction, Road Surface marking, Traffic Safety Signs, Technology, Real Estate, Power and Mining.

The company has taken the bold move to diversify into other sectors like agriculture and food by bringing Rayna Roasted Oat Flour to the market with the aim of providing healthier options to “the daily nutritional needs of the consumer”.

He said:”We’re an investment company and we take into opportunities when we see it.

“The launch of Rayna Roasted Oat Flour is not just about making money; as a business enterprise, we also aim at creating value and giving society the best product. The decision to deal in Oat is hinged on the health benefits it gives to our consumers and the general public.

“And the partnership we are forming with our distributors is to ensure we have a means of creating work for other people as well, so it’s a two pronged system we are running here, we are creating value for the consumers and then creating convivial atmosphere for our partners to operate.

“What we bring into the market is a premium product selling at the market value price. It is like we are bringing Mercedes and selling it to you at a Toyota price. We’re bringing in the best product to the market in terms of value for the price.

“It all began in the year 2014 but major plans of creating this product started in 2017, the product planning stage, the designs and qualities of the product itself show the time we have spent planning Rayna Roasted Oat Flour.

“We have had challenges which are peculiar to Nigerian business environments such as disappointment from vendors, pricing, logistics, staffing, and funding.

“I don’t see any other competition at the moment but we will keep a closer look at the market, we don’t expect to dominate the market today or tomorrow but we will break through and dominate the market just the way we’ve grown our other businesses.”

Also commenting on the unique features of Rayna Roasted Oat Flour, the Chief Operating Officer, Bukola Adedigba said:
“Rayna Roasted Oat Flour is a premium food product made from whole grain oats.

“We have packaged Rayna Roasted Oat Flour to make sure it is free of any sort of contamination that may arise especially for those having allergies. So, what we have is premium soluble fiber oat that is not mixed with any other ingredient; the product is roasted and can be used for multipurpose – you can use it for anything; to cook, bake, as a thickener and as you swallow.

“Keeping to the promise of quality, Rayna product has a re-sealable pack, once you open it you can reseal it back, protecting the quality, preventing it not to get contaminated. Once you open the product, it would still be well premium till the day you empty the pack.

“Looking at the whole package itself; you would want to buy it for any amount, I am not sure of other products, but I am very sure of Rayna Roasted Oat. For the fact that it’s multipurpose, there are some products we tried here today for the sample, we made use of Rayna to bake cakes, cookies, and biscuit, all made from this Rayna Roasted Oat Flour and so far we’ve had fantastic feedback.

“We hope to transfer our spirit of excellence into our products and do make sure that we give people premium products brand something every consumer must look forward to.

“Our buy word for Rayna Oat is “Living for tomorrow’’, we believe whatever you eat now is deposited for your tomorrow and that Is the reason we have taken conscious efforts in whatever we’re producing so that Rayna foods is mentally and healthily ready for you to consume.”
Also speaking on the health benefits of the product she said:

“For those that have health issues ranging from diabetes, high blood pressure and to those struggling with their sugar level or cholesterol just to mention a few, it is a good product that helps lower cholesterol levels, boost immune system, decreased risk in infancy to 6 months in developing asthma, improve well-being and reduces laxative in aged ones.”

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