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Rocsol Foods Launches New Product




Rayna Oat Limited, a subsidiary of Rocsol Investment Limited is expanding its horizons into the food and agriculture industry with the launch of its flagship product, Rayna Roasted Oat Flour.

Rayna Oat Flour comes in a re-sealable pack of 1.5kg and 750g which is to be sold at N1, 400 and N700 respectively with a life span of 18-24 months and duly certified by NAFDAC.

At the Distributors Business Forum organised by the company, the Acting Managing Director, Rocsol Foods, Joseph Igori described the new Oat Flour as a premium product and the finest product ushered into the market in terms of value for price; birthed after years of planning, research, design and therefore urged distributors, marketers, eateries, hotels and consumers to immediately key into it.

Speaking at the product launch in Lagos with marketers and distributors, Joseph Igori explained that Rocsol Investment Limited is known for many things which include Construction, Road Surface marking, Traffic Safety Signs, Technology, Real Estate, Power and Mining.

The company has taken the bold move to diversify into other sectors like agriculture and food by bringing Rayna Roasted Oat Flour to the market with the aim of providing healthier options to “the daily nutritional needs of the consumer”.

He said:”We’re an investment company and we take into opportunities when we see it.

“The launch of Rayna Roasted Oat Flour is not just about making money; as a business enterprise, we also aim at creating value and giving society the best product. The decision to deal in Oat is hinged on the health benefits it gives to our consumers and the general public.

“And the partnership we are forming with our distributors is to ensure we have a means of creating work for other people as well, so it’s a two pronged system we are running here, we are creating value for the consumers and then creating convivial atmosphere for our partners to operate.

“What we bring into the market is a premium product selling at the market value price. It is like we are bringing Mercedes and selling it to you at a Toyota price. We’re bringing in the best product to the market in terms of value for the price.

“It all began in the year 2014 but major plans of creating this product started in 2017, the product planning stage, the designs and qualities of the product itself show the time we have spent planning Rayna Roasted Oat Flour.

“We have had challenges which are peculiar to Nigerian business environments such as disappointment from vendors, pricing, logistics, staffing, and funding.

“I don’t see any other competition at the moment but we will keep a closer look at the market, we don’t expect to dominate the market today or tomorrow but we will break through and dominate the market just the way we’ve grown our other businesses.”

Also commenting on the unique features of Rayna Roasted Oat Flour, the Chief Operating Officer, Bukola Adedigba said:
“Rayna Roasted Oat Flour is a premium food product made from whole grain oats.

“We have packaged Rayna Roasted Oat Flour to make sure it is free of any sort of contamination that may arise especially for those having allergies. So, what we have is premium soluble fiber oat that is not mixed with any other ingredient; the product is roasted and can be used for multipurpose – you can use it for anything; to cook, bake, as a thickener and as you swallow.

“Keeping to the promise of quality, Rayna product has a re-sealable pack, once you open it you can reseal it back, protecting the quality, preventing it not to get contaminated. Once you open the product, it would still be well premium till the day you empty the pack.

“Looking at the whole package itself; you would want to buy it for any amount, I am not sure of other products, but I am very sure of Rayna Roasted Oat. For the fact that it’s multipurpose, there are some products we tried here today for the sample, we made use of Rayna to bake cakes, cookies, and biscuit, all made from this Rayna Roasted Oat Flour and so far we’ve had fantastic feedback.

“We hope to transfer our spirit of excellence into our products and do make sure that we give people premium products brand something every consumer must look forward to.

“Our buy word for Rayna Oat is “Living for tomorrow’’, we believe whatever you eat now is deposited for your tomorrow and that Is the reason we have taken conscious efforts in whatever we’re producing so that Rayna foods is mentally and healthily ready for you to consume.”
Also speaking on the health benefits of the product she said:

“For those that have health issues ranging from diabetes, high blood pressure and to those struggling with their sugar level or cholesterol just to mention a few, it is a good product that helps lower cholesterol levels, boost immune system, decreased risk in infancy to 6 months in developing asthma, improve well-being and reduces laxative in aged ones.”

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Fashola, Adebule, Aregbesola Honour Late Kafaru Tinubu At Ramadan

Peter Okunoren



Again, the family of the late Alhaji Kafaru Oluwole Tinubu brought together conscious Muslims in and outside Lagos State to be fed with spiritual diets during this year’s memorial Ramadan lecture held on Sunday, May 12, 2019 at the popular De Blue Roof, LTV, Ikeja, Lagos.

The event, which was chaired by Aderemi Muinudeen Makanjuola, Chairman, Caverton Offshore Group, was organised in honour of the late police boss to literally take Muslims faithful on a voyage around the blessings of Ramaddan under a convivial environment.

The organizers’ choice of the two lecturers- Imam Najim Jimoh, Imam, Light House Mosque, Lekki, Lagos, who spoke on Leadership, Service and Trust: A Necessary Tripod to the Next Level, and Dr. Salis Mohammed, Imam, LASUTH /LASUCOM Mosque, Lagos, who spoke on Homosexuality: Trial of Parenting in the 21st Century- was generally applauded by the excited audience.

Both lecturers kept the audience on the edge of their seats, as they took turns to engage them during their brilliant presentations, which were peppered with copious quotes from the holy Quran as well as Hadith, the sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammed, SAW.

Interestingly, aside the engaging lectures, the audience, again, enjoyed some moments of spiritual uplift during the presentation of goodwill messages by some eminent individuals, including Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN, a former Lagos State Governor, current Minister of Power, Works and Housing, and a former partner in K.O. Tinubu and Co. Legal Practitioners; Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the immediate former Governor of Osun State; Special Guest of Honour, Her Excellency, Dr. (Mrs) Idiat Oluranti Adebule, Deputy Governor, Lagos State and Tunji Bello, Secretary to State Government, SSG, Lagos State who represented Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Chief Host and National Leader of All Progressives Congress, APC.

In particular, Wale Tinubu, Group CEO Oando Plc, who also gave a goodwill message, unwittingly offered a glimpse into his other side as a good orator, and even an “Islamic preacher” of a sort, especially as he espoused the benefits of the Ramadan, the need for uprightness by Muslims, while also evoking the memories of the late patriarch of the Tinubu family.

In what may be termed his homily on the occasion, he also used the occasion to appreciate his beloved mother, Alhaja Bintu Tinubu, the Iyalode of Lagos, whom he said contributed in no small measures to steady his feet on the path of Islam.

Indeed, it was one moment that gave not a few in the audience the opportunity to see the oil magnate as someone who has not abandoned his religious obligations in the quest for wealth

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MUST READ: Hey Vagina! You Are A Crime —– By Florence Ozor




Do you own a Vagina?


Verdict: You are a crime.

In the last few weeks, vaginas have come under enormous threats, intimidation, extortion, attack, rape and horrid violations under varying circumstances.

Was your vagina spotted out and about, around 8 pm and later? Did your vagina go clubbing? Was your vagina taking a stroll to get some air? Did your vagina impulsively conceive grocery shopping down the road late in the evening? Was your vagina scantily clad in nothing but thongs? Did your vagina decide to ‘hang out’ with penises and co-vaginas? Does your vagina currently reside in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)?

If your vagina answered yes to any of the above questions, YOU ARE A CRIME.

Public Service Announcement: these circumstances are subject to change and we reserve the right to review circumstances without prior notice.


This is wicked and unfair, these vaginas had penises around, why were they not subjected to the same rule? It is gender-based violence, a discrimination and a violation of the fundamental rights of all vaginas within the territorial boundary of Nigeria.

Oh vagina, I understand your lamentation but I cannot ignore the naivety of it. Your attempt to equate your vagina with a penis will be the end of you. Penis is your master! Yes, there were penises found around loitering, chatting, strolling and even dancing with vaginas, but they have exclusive immunity for the duration of their existence better than those even conferred by the constitution. You do not reserve the same privilege of immunity.

Know this Vagina, know it and understand your place. Penises are not subject to the presumption of criminality accorded to vagina; how could you even imagine such preposterous imagination of equality! All these feminists!

Mind you, Penises do not engage in prostitution and neither does it constitute any moral aberration in our society, vagina!

Vaginas, I cannot continue to enlighten you that the laws, religion, culture and politics of the land favors penises and not you, ordinary vagina, so stay away from the FCT and where unavoidable, stay indoors and prostitute, sorry, socialize there.


Every woman is a prostitute in Nigeria and this is geographically understated.
Growing up in an African home, when you are called your middle name, it is either as an endearment, a reprimand before an onslaught or a lethal warning, reason being that one can get used to the commonality of a first name and the officious-ness of a surname, the middle name is unfailingly pulled out of the sack, reflective of the gravity of the circumstance with a hint of consequences. Every woman in Nigeria – again, geographically understated – has an unwritten, unspoken and illegitimate middle name – verbalized after the pattern of an African home.


  • is your middle name or will inevitably be your middle name provided you are burdened by nature with a vagina and like all legitimate use of middle names, it does not matter how highly placed you are or your status, it will be used to remind you who is boss and the insignificance of your existence often in the light of attributing your minute existence to the benevolence of a penis. Unlike your legitimate middle name, this does not carry a toga of class, honor or prestige, it is used to reduce and eliminate any imaginative attempt of a vagina to assume any height of prominence, however low. Please do not push your luck, in challenging the status quo or seeking to insist on your high ground, it is a proven means of soliciting for your middle name. It will be vocalized with a stamp- a confident knowledge of validity and finality accompanied with anger, disdain, violence, dominance, suppression and all manner of genius, subject to the creative imagination of the speaker. Oh! vagina, you may enjoy the privilege of not been called your middle name, do not get accustomed to this, it is short-lived – You Prostitute – will be the summation of you.


There is an agency of government, who is not bound by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and whose job it has become to apprehend at sight all “loitering vaginas”.

The Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) whose duty it is to “…. keep owned or occupied tenements clean, neat, keep the grass low and trim, cut and trim flowers; keep drainage running through the tenement free from blockage. Provide adequate dust bin and sanitary convenience; must not dry clothes in front of the balcony or in front of his premises or on hedges or sidewalks, must not keep animals or birds likely to cause nuisance; must not use residential premises for the sale of alcoholic drinks or as a restaurant or for other commercial activity.” but no! they are after vaginas and all vaginas are guilty enabled by time and place.

Over 100 vaginas have been arrested in the last two weeks, some have been charged to court on coerced confessional statements of prostitution charge, some granted N5000 fine, married women with evidence of a wedding band released and some are still in custody all thanks to the Federal Capital Territory Administration, (FCTA) Joint Task Team.

Tales abound of life during apprehension. A certain young petite vagina narrated how taking a stroll to buy noodles at a wrong time and place was the license for her arrest.

The Vagina Police demanded N5000 as fine failure to pay resulted in the violent penetrations of 3 penises into her vagina without condoms and garnished with beating to command compliance. Another young vagina exposed the fear of the Joint Task Force but not the fear of the law – for they are above the law – but a selfish fear of STD’s that these vaginas are potentially carrying so these penises are enclosed in used pure water sachets as a brilliant substitute for condoms, such genius!

Oh please, do not lecture me on the damage incurred those innocent vaginas.

Vaginas are created to be beaten by penises as they deem fit and it does not matter that, in our laws, rape is not a condition for bail or that they forget that if any society desires to regulate an aspect of morality, it makes a law and any such law must be in conformity with the supreme law of the land, but hey! A vagina knows nothing, has no voice and no right in a penis’ world. Penis is the master.

Oh yes, vaginas, run! The Vagina Police cometh and you are a crime.

Florence Ozor
Yet – to – be – Apprehended Vagina.
Twitter: @florenceozor

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Jobless Man Jailed Six Months For Touching Girl’s Breasts In Lagos

Gbemileke Ajayi



An unemployed man, Ilias Mudashiru, yesterday at an Igbosere Magistrates’ Court bagged six months imprisonment for touching a girl’s breasts indecently and stabbing her relatives.

Magistrate F. O. Sasanya convicted Mudashiru, 29, after he pleaded guilty to the three-count charge of conspiracy, indecent assault and assault occasioning harm against him.

The verdict followed a review of the case by prosecuting Sergeant Godspower Ehizoba.

The magistrate held: “The defendant is hereby sentenced to three months in prison on count one (conspiracy), three months on count two (indecent assault) and six months on count three (assault occasioning harm).

“The sentence will run concurrently.”

Mudashiru was arraigned on April 26.

Reviewing the case, Ehizoba said the convict committed the offence on April 21, at about 8:20am, at Bombata Market, Oroyinyin Street, Adeniji Adele, Lagos Island.

He said Mudashiru conspired with others at large and indecently assaulted the girl by touching her breasts while she was on her way to a clinic.

Ehizoba said Mudashiru stabbed two of the girls who came to her rescue in the head, neck, and arm with a broken bottle.

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