Police Arrest Boyfriend Of Woman Who Plunged Into Lagoon

The supposed boyfriend of the lady who allegedly committed suicide by jumping into the Lagoon from 3rd Mainland Bridge has been arrested.

The man was nabbed by the police following details of their relationship.

It was reported on Sunday, a woman drove a Ford Explorer SUV to the popular Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge, parked and came out of the bridge before taking a jump into the lagoon .

One man identified as Nick Sparkles claimed the deceased was married with three children.

Sparkles claimed that prior to her death, she was based in Texas, United States and only recently relocated to Nigeria.

He alleged that she got involved with another guy in Nigeria who reportedly confiscated over N10 million from her.

Sparkles further claimed that the deceased woman got him arrested but then, but the boyfriend released nude photos of them together and handed it over to the police to prove his innocence.

This alleged blackmail somehow found its way to the husband of the deceased who was compelled to conduct a DNA test on their three children and result proved he was not their father.

These numerous events pushed the deceased into committing suicide, Sparkles concluded.

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