How Zenith Bank Restored My Confidence In Nigerian Banking Sector —- Youth Corper

My name is Chris Ebodaghe, I’m an entrepreneur and Corp member serving in one of the South-Western states and an article I stumbled upon made me want to share my banking experience but with regards to customer service.

Now regardless what it is called in different organizations (client service, client support, customer interaction, relationship management office) customer service is a string of acts arranged to give the customer an impression of importance with regards to speed, service and commitment.

I operate accounts with four banks and my story is based on what they have all given to me. When I signed up for a fourth account I was as good as frustrated by our banks because they take so much from you and give absolutely nothing in return.

A colleague drew me to Zenith bank and that was it; the stereotype laziness towards students/ Corp members I (and other colleagues) was used to was typically absent, that was my first attraction. This has to be a bank that doesn’t regard status, I thought to myself. Interesting enough, it was the December festive period and I got some real good things as gifts.

This only made me recall my last fourteen years with other banks and the only thing I got was charges and more charges.

After that day, I checked around and I can boldly say that Zenith bank gives the most of everything…security, service and gifts.

Furthermore, in my (just about) three years with Zenith I have had the best and most frequent bank-customer relation, one that goes beyond the desks and chairs in the office; there can never be too much emphasis on effective communication skills/channels and Zenith has not just all links operational but at maximum possible speed, the best of its kind here!

I also understand that reduction in the amount required for signup was brought about by customers’ requests, going steadily from NGN250,000 to absolutely free, that is a bank that listens, and that is customer service!

Away from office issues I have attended a youth fest organized by Zenith bank for engagement and capacity development for youths and I met a number of individuals that have participated more than once.

I also know about six mobile cancer centers, a trust fund for States’ security and title sponsorship of women basketball in Nigeria…quite unique corporate responsibilities.

I actually can go on and on talking on Zenith and customer service but I have to stop here before somebody thinks I was paid. I can only hope we meet at Christmas period when ZENITH will have beautified Lagos AGAIN.

Chris Ebodaghe
Lagos, Nigeria

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