My Mum Made Me Apply For #BBNaija – Leo Dasilva

Recently evicted Big Brother Nigeria contestant, Leo Dasilva, has said his mum encouraged him to apply for the competition. In a chat with Punch he said,“I do not feel bad that I was evicted from the Big Brother Naija House. I went on the platform so that I could put my business out there and I think I was able to do that. I provide services for people and the more I’m known, the better for my business.

That was the reason my mum made me to go for the audition . If I was able to win the grand prize, it would have been a big bonus but I am not disappointed; that’ s how God wanted it to be. I was the only one in the house who didn ’ t unpack his luggage because I knew that I could live at any time . I just wanted to sell the real me ; I made up my mind not to lose myself because of the money. At the end of it all , my mum was very happy and she said I made her proud . ”

Speaking about who he would miss the most in the house , Dasilva said, “I would miss Alex most . She was devastated when I left the house and that made me very sad . Even after the competition , we are going to continue being friends. She is a very amazing person and I am not going to push her out of my life . Unless she doesn’t want to be my friend , then, I would have to let her go . I pray that she would win the competition . ”

Asked to define the relationship he had with Alex because many felt it was deeper than friendship , Leo said , “There were a lot of misconceptions because Alex and I were very close. I was the only one that knew how much talent she has. I was the only one who constantly encouraged her because I saw beyond her playful persona. That was why we were very attached to each other. She is someone I would have loved to pursue something serious with but I have other priorities at the moment.

However , I am not in any relationship yet . Right now , I am friend with someone whom I really like and I am hoping that it can grow further very soon. Meanwhile , he kept mum on if his love interest is the one whose picture was recently circulated on the Internet.

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