What’s The Big Deal About Giving My Life To Christ – Charly Boy

Charles Oputa fondly referred to as Charly Boy is probably one of the most controversial and ‘ craziest ’ entertainers in the industry . Despite being above 60 , the singer has pulled some stunts younger artistes can only dream of doing . At a time , he posed nude even as a grandfather and he was unapologetic about his action .

For this reason , it came as a shock when the news went round that the singer had become ‘ born again. ’ In a chat with Saturday Beats , the singer who compared himself to Jesus Christ , said that he was shocked about the fuss especially online because he gave his life to Christ .

He was quick to add that he had always been a spiritual person who could have been a priest if he wanted to . “ God has been in my life ever since I was born and that is why I am alive till date . I have always gravitated towards spiritual things . It is not every time I go to church that it would be announced that I am born again; how many times would I be born again ? I have followed a very spiritual path as reflected in one of my articles titled , ‘ Like Jesus like Charly . ’

Jesus during his time was a revolutionary and most of his messages were not acceptable by all back then . Most of the people did not believe in him but he respected humanity. I have respected humanity as well especially in my generation through my consistency , tenacity and advocacy . There are a lot of young people that would have given up on life but because of me , they have stuck to their dreams and ambitions in life .

“ I was happy that I went to a place where I was not seen as Charly Boy but a human being and I was accepted for who I am . Although I have always tongue – lashed religious leaders because I feel that corruption has got into the church on a grand scale , I also know that there are a few that stand out .


The church where I re- dedicated my life to Christ is one of those churches because of their outreach programmes and the number of young people that they have empowered . These are the things that spoke to me and made me resolve to go to the church. The young people that I am looking for are all in the churches . ”

He was quick to add that being born again would not stop him from doing what he needs to do even if people see it as being ‘ crazy ’ . “What is wrong with being crazy ? If people cannot separate entertainment from spirituality , is it my fault ? Their opinions cannot guide me .


There are facts and truths ; the fact is that I have always been a spiritual person . The people who really know me are aware that the first 25 years of my life was dedicated to God; I went for morning mass every morning , I attended catechism classes, bible studies , I was an altar boy and I also spent a year in the seminary, so what is the fuss about me giving my life to Christ ?


People are confusing my publicity stunts with my spirituality and that ’ s their business . That shows where their head is but I am not worried. People also forget that my father was a knight in the church. I come from a very spiritually orientated family but it is people that do not know anything that would make a big fuss out of the news . ”

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