Military Coup Can Still Take Place In Nigeria – Ekweremadu

Deputy Senate President Ekeweremadu has warned that the military could still take over power in the country as the nation’s democracy is still open to attack.

Ekeweremadu gave the warning on Wednesday while contributing to a debate on a motion sponsored by Ahmed Ogembe from Kogi Central.

Ogembe had accused Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state of sponsoring thugs to disrupt an empowerment programme he organised for his constituents. And the deputy senate president said such development indicates that the nation’s democracy must be protected.

He cited several instances where federal lawmakers have been harassed, warning that democracy must not be turned into a joke.

Ekeweremadu also told the governor of Kogi State that “the road he is travelling will not lead him anywhere.

“You will recall that sometime last year when they wanted to recall Dino, I advised the governor that they are wasting the resources of that state, that it is mission impossible.”

Ekeweremadu added that, “They took three pages in the newspaper abusing me. Are we still hearing the recall today? Money has been wasted.

“If he doesn’t stop, there is no how he will come back in 2019, never, no he will not. God will show him that he is a God of justice and this is a message to all those people who have caused all kinds of problem in Nigeria at different levels.

“The problem in Nigeria is that our democracy is receding. Who says army cannot take over? Let us not joke with our democracy that is the issue.”

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