Why I Am Still Single-Praiz

One of Nigeria finest RnB singer, Praise Adejo, aka Praiz, has disclosed the he is not in a rush to get into marriage as it is considered an institution that you are not to abandone once you are in it.

Speaking to Punch, the Project Fame star also started that he is yet to find the lady of his dream.

On his plans for marriage this year he said:
“I am certain that I will get married but I don ’t know how soon it will happen . You don ’t need to rush into marriage because it is an institution you are not expected to abandon once you are in it. Though people get married to the wrong people , marriage is a beautiful thing . However, when a marriage turns violent, I always advise people to walk away because staying alive is important . I am taking my time as I don ’t want to rush in and rush out”.

On if he has found a suitable lady for himself:

“I have yet to . But I believe in marriage and it is something I would love to experience”.

However, the singer has not been linked to any lady in the industry or outside the industry as he has kept his relationship completely private from the public.

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