Sadiq Azizzat Talks Sexual Harassment In Nollywood

2005 Amstel Malta box office star, Sadiq Azizzat has shared her view on sexual harassment in Nollywood.

In a recent interview, the portable actress, when asked if she has ever been sexually harassed in the Nigeria movie industry, Azizat, who did not state, whether or not she has been a victim, made it known, that, sexual harassment is a normal deal in any industry and for every human, “Yes these things do happen as long as you are a living breathing human. It’s not specific to a particular gender. It’s how you carry yourself and rebuff the advances that matter” she said.

On why she was absent from screen for a long time and what is presently up to, “I went away to better myself as an individual and to hone my skills. I ended up staying a lot longer than I anticipated but it was required for my personal growth. I went away to the United Kingdom for schooling and to hone my skills as an actress. While I was there, I ended up working for a while.

I discovered myself as an individual and also created value in myself as a person” she told New Telegraph. Azizat has won many prizes among which was a contract to feature in the 15 Million Naira award winning film, Sitanda, as well as a coaching session with famous actress, Joke Silva. She also featured in Mnet’s sitcom ‘Edge of Paradise’ and the BBC’s ‘Wetin Dey’ series

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