God Told Me My Husband Will Occupy A Higher Seat Soon, Oppose Him and Face Divine Wrath —– Fayose’s Wife

The wife of Ekiti State Governor, Feyisetan Fayose, has warned those oppose to her husband, Ayo Fayose, of divine wrath.

Mrs. Fayose stated this in a statement released by her Media Office on Tuesday.

She said those standing in the way of Governor Fayose are “obstructing the work of God,” adding: “The consequences will be too much for them.”

Mrs. Fayose said God had revealed to her a long time ago that her husband was going for a position of authority higher than the governorship he currently holds.

According to the statement issued by her Special Assistant (Media), Gbenga Ariyibi, Fayose spoke in Ado Ekiti during the New Year’s thanksgiving service.

She was quoted as having said: “I want to plead with everyone, don’t hunt for the downfall of this government, don’t even try it.

“God is looking at you, and God is watching. Don’t hunt for the failure of continuity.

Why? Because our God is God of continuity, our leader is carrying the unusual grace; if you don’t want to be disgraced, don’t hunt for the downfall of this government, don’t hunt for the failure of continuity, I have said my own.

“It is not him, it’s God through him. Look beyond him, and let’s continue to work together in unity.

“God told me expressly, years back, that he needed Ayo Fayose in Nigeria.

“What brought about this was that, I was praying that the trouble of this man was too much, that I wanted God to take politics away from him, to separate him from politics, that I have had too much.

“But God said, ‘Leave him to me, he is in the hollow of my palm, l need him in Nigeria, it is not only Ekiti. He is just passing through Ekiti State.”

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