Eedris Abdulkareem Blasts Mr Eazi, Says Singer Is Proud; Lacks Intelligence

Eedris Abdulkareem, controversial hip-hop artiste, has unleashed a scathing, profanity-laced attack on singer Mr Eazi.

The veteran’s grudge with Mr Eazi is his assertion that he pioneered the incorporation of Ghanaian slangs and lingos into Nigerian music.

Speaking in an interview with GoldMyne TV, Abdulkareem literally said Mr Eazi lacks intelligence and that he’s unwise.

Lampooning him for making the bold claim, he went further by picking holes in it.

He said: “Number one, you sound like Ghanaians, that’s why you are accepted, you are not original. But because it is an African music, you will be accepted. Who are you to say a thing like that? That’s pride.”

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